Vacaville Unified School District
Orchard Elementary School
Terms of Use


A deposit of the calculated cost of 2 hours facility use and personnel costs must be made to secure a Facility use reservation. This deposit will be fully refunded if the reservation is cancelled prior to 10 days of the scheduled event.

Special equipment in, but not excluded to, theatre, music, athletic and other areas require prior written approval by the school site and Facilities Department and may cause incurrence of fees.

Swimming pool applicant must provide Liability Insurance coverage.

All cost groups will incur custodial cost if the requested use is outside normal working hours. All cost groups may also incur other additional costs to be determined by school site principal and Business Department if it is determined that additional personnel are needed. Custodial rates are charged during normally non-working hours are requested, at a minimum of 4 hours. Prior arrangements may be made to use other authorized district employee. Either a district custodian or other authorized employee shall be on site during entire time of use of facility by outside group.

There is a total moratorium of use, other than school-related use, of all fields, during each month of December and January and could be longer in duration, as determined by the Maintenance and Operations Department.

At least one field per year will lay fallow for one year, to be determined by the Maintenance and Operations Department.


The applicant hereby agrees to hold the Vacaville Unified School District, its Board of Education, the individual members thereof, and all District officers, agents and employees free and harmless from any loss of or damage to school facilities or property, in the amount required to replace or repair said property, when such loss and/or damage was occasioned by or growing out of the use requested.

Vacaville Unified School District – Swimming Pool Insurance Requirements

The Facility Use applicant must provide Certificate of Insurance Documentation

INDEMNIFICATION: The facility user applicant shall indemnify, defend with counsel acceptable to the DISTRCT, and hold harmless to the full extent permitted by law, the DISTRICT, and its Board of Trustees, officers, agents, employees and volunteers from and against any and all liability, loss, damage, claims, expenses and costs (including, without limitation, attorney fees and costs and fees of litigation) (collectively, “Liability”) of every nature arising out of or in connection with the facility user applicant’s acts or omissions during all phases of this Agreement or its failure to comply with any of its obligations contained in this Agreement, except such Liability caused by the sole negligence or willful misconduct of the DISTRICT. This indemnification obligation is not limited in any way by any limitation on the amount or type of damages or compensation payable to or for facility user applicant or its agents under workers’ compensation acts, disability benefit acts, or other employee benefit acts. This indemnity obligation shall survive termination or expiration of this Agreement with respect to any Liability which arose while the agreement was still in effect. Facility user applicant shall be liable to the DISTRICT, for any loss or damage to the DISTRICT, or their property, arising from or in connection with facility user applicant’s use of such property.

INSURANCE: Commercial general liability insurance with a combined single limit of liability of five million ($5,000,000) dollars per occurrence for bodily injury or property damage, insurance against liability of facility user applicant and its authorized agents, employees and/or representative arising out of and in connection with facility user applicant’s use and occupancy of the premises. Sexual misconduct coverage with limits no less than two million ($2,000,000) dollars. Workers’ compensation insurance with statutory limits for any employees of facility user applicant). (This would only apply if the organization has actual employees). The facility user applicant shall provide the DISTRICT, with a certificate of Insurance and an endorsement naming the DISTRICT, its officers, employees and agents as an additional insured with regard to the facility user applicant’s activities carried out under the terms of this agreement.