Manasquan Public School District
Terms of Use

The Board of Education believes that the school facilities/fields of this district should be made available for community purposes, provided that such use does not interfere with the educational program of the schools. 

The Board will permit the use of school facilities/fields when such permission has been requested in writing and has been approved by the Superintendent and/or School Business Administrator/Board Secretary, except that the Board reserves the right to withdraw permission after it has been granted. 

In weighing competing requests for the use of school facilities/fields, the Board will give priority to the following uses, in the descending order given: 

1. Uses and groups directly related to the schools and the operations of the schools, including pupil and teacher groups; 

2. Uses and organizations indirectly related to the schools, including the P.T.O.; 

3. Departments and agencies of municipal government, including Manasquan Recreation; 

4. Governmental agencies generally; 

5. Community organizations formed for charitable, civic, social, or educational purposes; 

6. Other organizations/agencies at the discretion of the Superintendent and/or School Business Administrator/Board Secretary. 

The use of school facilities/fields will not be granted for the advantage of any commercial or profit-making organization, partisan political activity, private social function, or any purpose that is prohibited by law. 

Each user shall present evidence of the purchase of organizational liability insurance to the limit prescribed by district regulations. 

Users shall be financially liable for damage to the facilities/fields and for proper chaperonage. 

Use of school equipment in conjunction with the use of school facilities/fields must be specifically requested in writing and may be granted in accordance with Policy No. 7520. 

The users of school equipment must accept liability for any damage or loss to such equipment that occurs while it is in their use, regardless of any assignment of negligence. Where rules so specify, no item of equipment may be used except by a qualified operator. 

The Board shall approve annually a schedule of fees for the use of school facilities/fields based upon the following guidelines: 

1.The use of school facilities/fields for activities directly related to the educational program and district operations shall be without cost to the user except that the user shall be responsible for any custodial costs incurred by the use and any fees charged by a law enforcement agency in connection with the use. 

2. All other organizations or persons granted the use of school shall pay in advance the scheduled fee and the cost of any additional staff services required by the use. 

The Superintendent shall develop regulations for the use of school facilities/fields; such regulations shall be distributed to every user of the facilities/fields and every applicant for the use of school facilities/fields. 

Permission to use school facilities/fields shall be granted only to persons and organizations that agree in writing to be bound by these regulations.

Rules for the Use of School Facilities

 1.  Users of school facilities/fields will be bound by the law.

  1. Users must comply strictly with all applicable statutes; municipal ordinances; and rules of the Board of Health, Fire Department, and Police Department regarding public assemblies.

 b.         The use must not exceed the established capacity of the facility/field used.

 c.         The use must not involve gambling or games of chance.

 d.         The use, possession, and/or distribution of alcohol and/or controlled dangerous substances is absolutely prohibited, in accordance with law and Policy Nos. 5530 and 7435.

 e.         Smoking is prohibited in accordance with Policy No. 7434.

 f.          School facilities/fields cannot be used for any purpose prohibited by law or likely to result in rioting, disturbance of the peace, damage to property or for the purpose of defaming others.


2.         Users of school facilities/fields will respect Board property.

 a.         The user will not damage, destroy, or deface school property.  The facility/field will be used with care and left in an orderly and neat condition.

 b.         The user must obtain the Business Administrator’s permission to bring equipment, decorations, or materials to the school facility/field.  No equipment, decorations, or materials may be nailed to floors, walls, windows, woodwork, curtains or fixtures or affixed to the same in any manner that defaces or damages school property.

 c.         Any equipment, scenery, decorations, or other material brought to the school facility/field and any debris caused by the use or remaining after the use must be promptly removed by the user.  Any such materials left on school premises more than twenty-four hours after the use may be removed by the Board at the user’s expense.  The Board assumes no liability for damage to or loss of materials brought to school facilities.

 d.         The user must obtain the Business Administrator’s permission to use, move, or tune a district piano.  A piano may be moved only by a competent and experienced commercial mover and at the expense of the user.  Any piano that has been moved must be returned to its original placement with the same care and at the expense of the user.

 e.         Users of the gymnasium must ensure that all participants wear rubber-soled footwear to prevent damage to floors.

 f.          No school facility/field may be used for a purpose in conflict with the purpose for which the facility was designed.

 g.         Lighting equipment, ventilation systems, and thermostatic controls may be operated only by an employee of the district.

 h.         The user must obtain the Business Administrator’s permission to serve and consume food and/or beverages on school premises.  The service and consumption of food and/or beverages is strictly limited to the area for which permission is granted.  If food and/or beverages are served, the user must clean all utensils, equipment, serving dishes, and the like and restore the facility to its proper condition.  The user may not consume food or beverages or use supplies purchased with public funds.

 i.          No signs, posters, advertisements, or other displays may be placed in a school building without the approval of the Business Administrator.

 j.          No school keys shall be issued to a user.

 k.         No animal shall be allowed on school premises without the approval of the Business Administrator.

 l.          The head of maintenance or designee is responsible for examining the facility/field immediately after the use and informing the user of any loss or damage that must be corrected.

 m.        Permission to use school facilities/fields extends only to the facility/fields requested.  Users are not entitled to enter health offices, administrative offices, storage closets, or any other room to which permission to use has not been expressly granted.  Users are not permitted to use district telephones, word processors, and office equipment.  Users may make use of public telephones.

 n.         No vehicles of any type shall be operated in any area that is not designed for such vehicles.


3.         Uses Must be Properly Supervised.

 a.         A school custodian must be on duty during the entire time a use occurs.  The custodian is present for the purpose of insuring the security and proper functioning of the facility/fields and of enforcing these regulations.  The custodian is paid by the Board and may not accept gratuities from users.  If the custodian is directed by the Business Administrator to perform extra services as an accommodation to the user, the user will be charged an additional fee and the custodian will be compensated accordingly by the district.

 b.         The use of certain school facilities/fields (such as kitchen and auditorium stage) require the services of school employees trained in the use of the facility/field.  The user will be charged an additional fee and the school employee will be compensated accordingly by the district.

 c.         The user must assume full responsibility for the conduct of all participants in the use while they are in or about school buildings and grounds and must enforce these regulations.  The user must provide an adequate number of persons to supervise participants in the activity.

 d.         The user must, in consultation with the Principal, anticipate the need for the assistance of police officers, fire fighters, and/or parking attendants.  All such services must be arranged by the user and will be at the expense of the user.  When a user refuses or fails to secure police, fire, and/or parking assistance after having been advised to do so by the Principal, the Principal may recommend that permission to use the facility/field be withdrawn.

 e. Board members and school officials are entitled to full and free access to any part of the school premises during any use.  No user may exclude a Board member or school official from a school facility for any reason.