Monterey Peninsula Unified School District
Monterey High School
Terms of Use


Any approved reservations are required to cancel two weeks in advance for a full refund. If the cancellation is made after the 2 week period you will be subject to a cancellation fee.
  1. No actions or activities shall interfere with the conduct of school.
  2. Permit must include any Business Office approved rules and regulations exception.
  3. Order and discipline is maintained; qualified and sufficient supervision is provided.
  4. Activities comply with ALL federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  5. NO Smoking gambling profanity, language, quarrelling fighting use of alcohol or drugs, nor shall unlawful acts occur on any portion of school property, including parking lots and fields.
  6. Use of facilities is consistent with intended use.
  7. All employees directly involved in the use of school facilities shall be paid by school district or entity identified on the Facility Use Application/Agreement. No gratuities shall be provided to or accepted by any school or personnel associated with use or approval of permit.
  8. Facilities are not monopolized by one group or organization nor used for partisan political or personal/individual uses.
  9. No live animals are brought to site.
  10. Activities are open to all, regardless of race, color, Creed, gender, or national origin.
    1. NOT sell any services or items nor solicit funds or collect dues, unless permit specifically authorizes this and user obtains required permits from other agencies.
    2. Be responsible for their own staff and attendees and should provide their own insurance, as appropriate.
    3. Obtain written permission prior to moving any school property and equipment or bringing any electrical, mechanical or other equipment on facilities or fields.
    4. Use facilities ONLY during days and times approved on the Application-Permit
    5. Use ONLY portions of fields or facilities and use equipment listed on Application-Permit; user is NOT authorized to use any other areas, including restrooms and parking lots.
    6. Provide portable toilets and/or wash stations for public use when noted on Application Permit
    7. Have a District representative unlock and lock buildings.
    8. Report any and all damage, graffiti, or vandalized conditions at the site prior to use.
    9. Leave school premises in a clean and safe condition; free of all trash, garbage, and graffiti.
    1. SOCCER USE: Users must provide and remove own portable goals immediately before and after each use
    2. CAFETERIA/KITCHEN USE: Permit must be authorized by the Food Service Director and must be supervised by a paid District cafeteria worker.
    3. NON-CAFETERIA FOOD PREPARATION: Must obtain proper authorization and food handling permits to serve meals or operate any type of cooking device, including food provided from catering trucks and mobile food vendors on site.
    4. The undersigned agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, their Board of Trustees, agents and employees, individually and collectively, from and against any and all costs, losses, damages, claims, actions, and judgments arising from personal injuries, property damage, or otherwise, regardless of cause, that may arise in any way from to be alleged to be caused by the undersigned's use of district facilities, furniture or equipment. The undersigned further agrees to provide a certificate of insurance for the liability coverages satisfactory to the district.