Maranatha Christian Schools
Terms of Use



1. Reservations must be in writing, using the Application For Use Of Facilities Application provided by Maranatha Christian Schools (MCS). 

2. MCS facilities are primarily for the use of the student body and their activities. At times, the MCS facilities will be made available for rental to groups in the community.  However, these groups are to understand that changes in MCS schedules may cause previous arrangements for the use of the facilities to be rescheduled or cancelled.

3. If the renter cancels a reservation by providing written notice to MCS, a refund of the rental fee will be given to the renter based on the date the written notice is received by MCS as follows:

If notice of cancellation is received more than 30 days prior to the date of the event, a 50% refund will be given.

If notice of cancellation is received less than 30 days prior to the date of the event, a 25%refund will be given

If notice of the cancellation is received less than 10 days prior to the date of the event, no refund will be given.

4. Reservations may not be re-assigned or sub-let to any individual or group.

5. Consumption of alcoholic beverages, use of illegal drugs or marijuana, smoking, vaping, gambling, profanity, or unruly behavior is prohibited at MCS at all times.

6. MCS must approve decorations in advance.   Decorations may be attached using blue masking tape only, and must be removed immediately after the event by the group renting the facility.

7. A $300 security deposit is required to rent the facility. MCS may use the security deposit to cover expenses due to clean up or damage associated with the renter’s use of the facility.  Any unused portion of the security deposit will be reimbursed to the renter within 21 days after the completion of the event.  Recurring groups may make a one-time security deposit however, if MCS must use the deposit to repair or clean the facility, a replacement deposit is required for the next rental.  The individual or organization granted use is responsible for reimbursing MCS for any and all damage to the property caused by such use.

8. You must be 21 years of age or older to rent MCS facilities.

9. The organization or individual renting the MCS facilities is responsible for completing, within the time specified on the Application, the putting up and taking down of all tables, chairs, decorations, and any other preparations and clean up associated with the event for which the facilities have been rented.  

10. Use of the MCS facilities after the hours specified on the Application will be billed at 150% of normal rate.

11. Standing reservation for regularly scheduled events may be confirmed for up to one year.  A new Application must be filed each year.

12. MCS does not allow outdoor shoes of any type on the gymnasium floors unless they are protected by MCS carpet tiles.

13. Food may be served in the gym lobby and consumed in the grandstands.   

14. A Certificate of Insurance naming MCS, as co-insured for the rental date(s) must be on file with MCS.  Liability insurance must be in the amount of $1,000,000.

15. Loitering is not permitted on the MCS campus. The renting groups or individuals are to ensure that students, participants and/or spectators are not loitering in other areas of the campus before, during or after the event.  All traffic laws are in effect on MCS roads and parking lots.

16. No MCS furniture or apparatus may be moved or displaced by any person, or organization without permission from, and under the supervision of, a MCS facility staff member. Any furniture or apparatus so moved or displaced must be replaced to the satisfaction of a MCS facility staff member by the party, or organization responsible for the moving or displacement thereof before their departure from the MCS school premises. MCS furniture, equipment, apparatus, etc. may not be removed from the school premises at any time for any reason.

17. MCS property must be protected from any damage, misuse, or mistreatment. Each renter is responsible to leave the MCS facilities at the end of their event in the same condition the facilities were in at the beginning of their event. In the event any MCS facilities are damaged during the renter’s use thereof, the renter shall be responsible for the full cost of such damage.

18. Fireworks, Guns, Weapons or any other incendiary devices are strictly prohibited on MCS property.

19. Sunflower seeds, Gum, Food, etc. are not permitted on or around any of the artificially turfed fields.

20. Rental Party is responsible for providing the appropriate supervision for its event and a point of contact for MCS.

21. In the event of moderate to heavy rain, no use of the auxiliary field is permitted to avoid damage to the playing surface. MCS staff shall determine playability of the field. All rental fees for any event cancelled due to moderate to heavy rain shall be credited or refunded to the rental party. If MCS exercises its right to cancel any scheduled event as outlined in this contract, all rental fees for the cancelled event shall be credited or refunded to the rental party.

22. Applicants are responsible for stripe/lining the natural turf auxiliary field using their own materials, labor and paint. Arrangements can be made with MCS to stripe and line the natural turf auxiliary field at an additional cost. STRIPING, LINING, OR MAKING ANY OTHER MODIFICATIONS OR ALTERATIONS OF ANY KIND TO THE ARTIFICIAL TURF FIELDS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

23. Payment of rent is due within 10 days after MCS notifies the renter that it has accepted the Application.

I have read and agree to the Rules and Regulations of Facilities Renting pertaining to the rental of Maranatha Christian Schools’ facilities. I understand that the Rules and Regulations of Facilities Renting may be changed without notice and that the use of the facility is subject to whatever rules and regulations may be in effect on the day of use of the facility.  I further understand that my organization will be held financially responsible for any damage to facilities or equipment that occurs through our group’s use of the facility. I understand and on behalf of my organization agree to accept the risk of bodily injury and/or property damage which we may cause, incur or cause a third party to incur as a result of the use of Maranatha Christian
Schools’ property. We shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Maranatha Christian Schools, its Boards, its employees and its agents from and against any and all claims, losses, suits or judgments arising from, or in connection with our use of Maranatha Christian Schools’ property.

Any claim or dispute involving Maranatha Christian Schools arising from or related to our use of the Maranatha Christian Schools’ property shall be settled in San Diego County by mediation and, if necessary, legally binding arbitration in accordance with the Rules of Procedure for Christian Conciliation of the Institute for Christian Conciliation. Judgment upon any arbitration decision may be entered in any court otherwise having jurisdiction. Each party will bear their own costs and expenses of the mediation and, if necessary, arbitration and an equal share of the arbitrator’s fees.

Any arbitration shall be subject to the same statutes of limitations as would apply in the absence of an arbitration provision. WE IRREVOCABLY WAIVE OUR RIGHT TO A COURT OR JURY TRIAL.