Lakeside Union School District
Terms of Use

Use of school property for public purposes

a. It is the policy of the Board that school buildings and grounds constitute civic centers for the citizens of the district. To that end, use of school facilities shall be authorized for civic activities, subject to the following necessary conditions:

1. Free use of facilities will be granted 10 public agencies, senior citizens organizations or other organizations, clubs, or associations organized for cultural activities (such as folk and square dancing and general character building or welfare purposes, provided that any membership dues charged or contributions accepted by such organizations are used solely for the support of the organization, club, or association or the advancement of its cultural, character building or welfare work.

2. The Board may grant the use of facilities on case-by-case basis for entertainment or meetings where admission fees are charged or contributions solicited. If the net receipts of the admission fee or contribution are not expended for the welfare of the pupils of the district or for charitable purpose, a fee of not less than the fair rental value of the facilities shall be charged. 

3. The Board may grant the use of facilities to any church or religious organization for the conduct of religious services for a temporary period, where such church or organization has no suitable meeting place for conducting services, upon such terms and conditions as the Board deems proper at the time the request is made. A fee sufficient to pay the cost to the district of supplies, utilities and custodial salaries shall be charged.

4. Requests for any other public use of facilities not covered above will be considered on a case-by-case basis. When such use is granted, a fee not exceeding the core to the district of supplies, utilities, and custodial salaries shall be charged.

b. Fees will be in accordance with the current fee schedule and shall be subject to periodic review by the Board.

c. The following additional provisions shall govern public use of school facilities:

1. No use shall be inconsistent with the use of the buildings or grounds for school purposes, or interfere with the regular conduct of school work.

2. Priority of use shall be: School and school related functions, public agencies youth organizations, and all other. Within priorities, requests will be honored in order of receipt at the  district office. Assigned use may be preempted for necessary school or school related functions.

3. Private individuals shall not be permitted to use school facilities, nor shall any use be granted in such a manner as to constitute a monopoly for the benefit of any persons or organizations.

4. Scheduled use of buildings and grounds shall not be paid for a period exceeding one year, subject to revocation or renewal any time.

5. School buildings normally will not be opened on days when school is not in session. Exceptions must involve extenuating circumstances, and shall require individual approval of the Board.

6. Use of buildings or grounds shall not be granted to any individual, society, group or organization for the commission of any act intended to further any program or movement for the purpose of which is to accomplish the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State by force, violence, or other unlawful means

7. All youth groups using school facilities must have adequate supervision. 

8. School officials shall all times have full authority to enforce proper and safe conduct of all persons and activities on school property.