Lincoln Street Elementary School (HSD)
Terms of Use

Hillsboro School District Community Use of District Facilities

The following will cover the use of the District's schools and facilities:

Disclaimer: Hillsboro School District is not responsible for administering medication to students  that attend before or after school programs that are NOT school-sponsored programs or activities.  Parent/guardian will need to communicate with the organization that is sponsoring the program about any medication administration or medical training required to maintain their student’s health needs. The Hillsboro School District is not responsible for responding to a renters health condition or medication administration during facility usage. Facility users should bring their own needed medications.

Paying and Non-Paying Groups

  1. Nonpaying groups: School-sponsored groups (e.g., school clubs, school athletic and activity teams/organizations, Hillsboro Parks & Recreation, employee associations, PTA, and other parent support groups). Nonschool sponsored groups or individuals that are non-profit and serve community youth (e.g., Boy Scouts, Camp Fire, youth athletic and activity teams/organizations, summer youth classes and activities).
  2. Paying Groups: Public agencies (e.g., Portland Community College, Washington County) and private groups or individuals who are operating for profit or private gain. The fee may be waived or discounted for school – business alliances/partnerships

Prohibited Activities

Lack of regulations and supervision often results in misuse, damages, and safety hazards. As a result, it is necessary that the following activities be prohibited in all forms on all District-owned property:

  1. The use of any form of tobacco or tobacco-related products is prohibited on school property or in school buildings;
  2. The use of alcoholic liquors in any form is prohibited in the school buildings or grounds;
  3. Operation and/or racing of automobiles, motorcycles, motor bikes, go-carts, or other such vehicles;
  4. Operation of power-driven model airplanes or other mechanical devices for practice, amusement, or exhibition (except as approved by administration, e.g. Lego Robotics, etc.);
  5. Horseback riding;
  6. Golf practice;
  7. Archery practice;
  8. Persons or groups using a gymnasium for recreational purposes shall not wear street shoes;
  9. The use of all roller devices (roller shoes, skateboards, scooters, etc.) is prohibited.
  10. No eating or drinking as per individual school policy.

Limitations on Use

Unauthorized use of District property and facilities, including overnight stays, is prohibited.

All vehicles on school property are subject to the traffic laws of the state of Oregon, county, city, and those rules adopted by the Board.

The Board reserves the right to refuse use of school facilities and grounds to persons and groups whose previous use of the facilities and grounds resulted in abuse of District property.

Persons or groups using school buildings or facilities shall be responsible for any damages caused to grounds or equipment and removal of litter caused by their use.

Priority of Use

Use of school buildings and facilities shall be in the following order of priority:

  1. Public school programs and activities of the District will take priority over all community use activities;
  2. School-affiliated organizations (e.g., school clubs, school athletic and activity teams/organizations, Hillsboro Parks & Recreation, employee associations, PTA, other parent support groups);
  3. Nonschool sponsored groups or individuals that are non-profit and serve community youth (e.g., Boy Scouts, Camp Fire, youth athletic and activity teams/organizations, and summer youth classes and activities).
  4. Public agencies (e.g., Portland Community College, Washington County).
  5. Private groups and organizations resident in the District (e.g., dance studios, business meetings, lecture series, etc.).
  6. Private groups and organizations that are not resident.

If a fee or tuition is charged, District rental will be paid according to annual agreements. If there is no admission fee or tuition, the group will be charged for any additional supervisory or custodial personnel or special equipment needed to assure building security, cleanliness, and public safety.

Applications for Use

Requests for the use of any school building or facility of the District for other than scheduled school programming shall be made on the “Application and Permit for Use of School Buildings and Facilities” form (KG-AR, Attachment B). All applications shall be completed and submitted to the Facilities Management office no later than five days prior to the date of use. The Superintendent/designee shall determine group classifications, fees to be charged, and have final approval for the use of buildings and facilities in keeping with policy and these regulations. Requests for cancellation should be made at the earliest possible date.

Hours of Usage

Business hours are defined as Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hours available for actual use of the elementary facilities are 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., and 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. for the high school facilities. The facilities are available at other times and on weekends depending on the availability of school staff and availability of the facility.


Payment for use of buildings or facilities, when required, shall be made to the District prior to usage. The payment shall be in accordance with the schedule of fees approved by the Board (see KG-AR, Attachment A-1 or A-2).

Supervision and Use of Buildings and Facilities

The applicant will be responsible for the supervision of all minors attending the activity at all times. The maximum number of people permitted in the various buildings or facilities shall be restricted to their seating capacity or by fire codes. Groups must confine their activities to that part of the building or facility for which the application was made and a designated person shall be in charge.

Use of School Equipment

  1. School equipment may not be removed from the school premises.
  2. All school equipment and furniture, including pianos, shall be used only with the approval of the building principal.

Use of Food Service Facilities

All use of District kitchen and food service preparation areas are to be approved through Nutrition Services in addition to the normal approval process.


Vehicles are prohibited from parking on playgrounds or athletic fields. The sponsoring organization is responsible to keep vehicles in the designated parking areas.

Damage to District Property

Each organization or group using a school building or facility shall agree to restore it to its original condition or replace any property damaged as a result of such use. The Superintendent/designee shall be the sole judge of damage to the District's property. (Damage also includes that caused to the floor by street or dirty shoes.)

Guidelines for Long-Term Use of School Facilities by Nonprofits and Other Nonschool Organizations

  1. Long-term use of a school will be discouraged because of the wear and tear on the facility and the impact on custodial staff. Approval will be confined to temporary use caused by remodeling, expansion work, or emergencies for the community use group. Requests for long-term use of a school in lieu of the requesting group or organization constructing its own facility will be denied.
  2. Non-school sponsored student groups, community service organizations, or nonprofits will be assessed fees on a case-by-case basis considering hours used, number of participants, number of set ups, utilities costs, or square footage requested.
  3. Continuation of facility use by said group will be evaluated on a yearly basis.

Liability Insurance

Organizations, businesses, and other groups requesting the use of District facilities requiring extended use and/or accommodation of large groups must provide proof of insurance.

Short-term users, small groups, or individuals will "assume all liability for damage to District facilities and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the District from all claims, losses, or damages arising out of the use of such facility or equipment" by signing the agreement on the “Application and Permit for Use of School Buildings and Facilities” form (KG-AR, Attachment B).

Schedule of Charges

See Fee Schedule Worksheet, KG-AR, Attachment A-1 or A-2 for current fees.