Martinez Unified School District
Las Juntas Elementary
Terms of Use

Martinez USD Terms and Conditions


  • The using organization is expected to pick up and dispose of any trash (off site) after using school facilities, unless special cleaning arrangements have been made with the Business Office. 

  • Extra custodial time may be charged in the event of extended clean up time or extended use by organization.

  • Any furniture moved by the organization is to be returned to its original arrangement.

  • Any change in the hours desired must be arranged ahead of time through the Business Office.

  • The organization is expected to provide reasonable supervision of minors.

  • The organization is expected to terminate its activity at the hour indicated on the Request Form.

  • Tobacco and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in school district buildings or on district property.

  • Any person applying for the use of any school facilities or grounds on behalf of any society, group, or organization shall present written authorization from the group or organization to make the application.

  • Persons or organizations applying for the use of school facilities or grounds shall submit a facilities use statement indicating that they uphold the state and federal constitutions and do not intend to use school premises or facilities to commit unlawful acts.


Applicant hereby agrees to hold the Martinez Unified School District, its governing board, the individual members and all district officers, agents and employees free and harmless from any loss, damage, liability, cost, or expense that may arise out of or be caused in any way by such use and/or occupancy of school facilities.


Use of the Alhambra High School pool requires certified lifeguards to be on duty during pool usage.