Centinela Valley Union High School District
Leuzinger High School
Terms of Use



1. Obtain from the Facility Rental Coordinator the necessary application form(s). 
2. Return the completed application form(s) and proof of Commercial General Liability Insurance to the Facility Rental  Coordinator, who in turn will mail/email a copy after the application has been acted upon. 
3. If a rental charge and/or deposit is required, it shall be paid in advance in the form of a money order or cashier’s check  made payable to Centinela Valley Union High School District. Opening of the building for use shall be contingent upon  the showing of a receipt for payment of rental by user to the custodian in charge. 
4. School premises shall not be available on such occasions or during such hours as have been scheduled in advance by  various school principals for school exercises or functions in connection with regular school work. 
5. In the case of entertainment or meetings where admission fees are charged or contributions are solicited and the net  receipts of the admission fees or contributions are not expended for the welfare of the students of the district or for  charitable purposes, a charge shall be made for the use of the school houses, property and grounds. 
6. Persons or the organizations using the school premises which include a stage and stage equipment shall not be permitted to remove or displace furniture or apparatus, including lights, curtains, ceiling pieces or cycloramas except with the  permission and under supervision of the school and the custodian in charge; nor shall they change the counter weights or  the switchboard hookup. 
7. Where stage is to be used, full details of equipment and personnel needs must be furnished in advance. This will include  a list of lights needed, curtains, number of dressing rooms, use of box office, number of stage hands, electricians, ushers,  etc. It is further understood that no personnel are furnished by the Board of Trustees except two custodians in charge and  that all stage hands and others used by the organization in staging their show are to be paid by the organization. 
8. In cases where the stage is to be used, no dressing space is to be provided except regular dressing rooms connected with  the auditorium and stage; nor shall access to other buildings or rooms or the toilets and lavatories other than those in the  auditorium or on the stage be permitted. 
9. There shall be NO SMOKING/VAPING in or about school buildings and premises nor shall intoxicants be used nor shall  profane language, quarreling, fighting or gambling be permitted. Violations of this rule by any organization during  occupancy shall be sufficient cause for denying further use of school premises to the organization. 
10. If free use is granted, as provided in the Civic Center Act, the meeting shall be non-exclusive and shall be open to the  public. 
11. The program offered in or during the use of any school premises shall at not time contain any matter which might tend to  cause a breach of the peace, or which constitutes subversive doctrine or seditious utterances or which agitates for charges  in our form of government or social order by violence of unlawful methods. 
12. No sectarian or denominational doctrine shall be taught or “instruction thereon permitted, directly or indirectly, in any of  the common schools of this state.” California Constitution, Act. IX, Section 8. 
13. Sections 40040-40058 of the California Education Code are the basis of these rules and are hereby incorporated in this  application even though not here duplicated. 
14. Juvenile organizations must have full time responsible adult sponsorship and supervision. 
1. All permits are for specific facilities and hours. Facilities must be vacated at the time specified on the applications. 2. Only the equipment approved for use in the application may be used. 
3. The rental fee paid by the Lessee covers the use of space only; it does not guarantee the adequacy or the condition of  any equipment which may be used. 
4. No group will be admitted to the school premises unless a responsible representative or agent of the organization is present. 5. The representative or agent of the organization must inform all participants of these rules and regulations. 6. Cars must be parked only in the school parking lots. 
7. Food or drinks may be consumed only in the school cafeteria. 
8. The school district employee assigned to the activity is in full charge of enforcing these rules. 
9. Violation of these rules and regulations by any group or members of a group is sufficient cause for cancellation of the  permit. 
10. When a rental fee is required, the rate schedule adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Centinela Valley Union High  School District will apply.