Conejo Valley Unified School District
Los Cerritos Middle School
Terms of Use

RESPONSIBILITY: Applicant hereby agrees to hold CVUSD, its Board of Education, the individual members thereof, and all District officers, agents and employees  free and harmless from  such  loss,  damage,  liability,  cost  and  expense  that  may  arise  during  or  be  caused  in any  way  by  such  use  or occupancy of school property.  Further, the organization or group you represent shall assume full responsibility for adequate care and protection of the school  property involved  under  the  request,  and  will  reimburse  the  District  in full  for  any  damage  or  loss, which  might  occur. Applicant  guarantees payment  of  all  fees  and  charges  assessed  by  the  school  district.  In  the  event  of  cancellation,  the  applicant  agrees  to  notify  the  CVUSD Civic Center 7 business days in advance to avoid paying full charges. You will be charged for any costs incurred due to a cancellation. Conejo Valley Unified School District retains the right to revoke this permit. 


Rules and Regulations


  1. Applications
    1. Applications shall be made online at through the Facilitron reservation system.  
    2. Applications shall be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the desired date of use.
    3. All organizations or groups seeking use of the school premises must designate an individual who shall sign the application and be held responsible for the group and/or organization.
    4. Applications will be denied if past history of use by user has resulted in violation of these rules, inconvenience for school use, unpaid District invoices, or unpaid costs for damages.
  2. Open to the Public
    1. All meetings under the Civic Center Act shall be open to the general public.
  3. No Monopoly
    1. No use shall be granted in such a manner as to constitute a monopoly for benefit on any person or organization.
  4. Interference with Educational Programs
    1. Permission to use facilities may be granted only when the property is not needed for educational purposes. A permit may be cancelled whenever a need for the facilities for educational purposes arises after issuance of a permit. NO use shall be inconsistent with the use of the buildings or grounds for school purposes, or interfere with the regular conduct of school work.
  5. Scheduling
    1. Use of the facilities will be scheduled only when they are available at the time desired for use.
  6. One Year Limit
    1. No privilege of using school facilities shall be granted for a period exceeding one year. All permits expire on June 30 of each year or earlier, depending upon the validity date and expiration of the organization’s insurance.
  7. Closing Time
    1. Facilities shall not be used later than 10:00 PM except with prior written approval by the District (minimum 14 day notice required).
  8. Charges
    1. Charges for use of facilities shall be paid in full through Facilitron prior to use of the facilities.
  9. Custodian Assignment
    1. The District shall assign a Custodian to open and close the buildings and grounds; and who shall have full authority over the facility to validate permits, enforce regulations, prevent disturbances etc. School facilities shall be under the direct charge of District staff at all times.  Facility users shall not direct District staff and District staff does not report to facility users.  
    2. The assigned Custodian shall be provided an elevator key(s) when an event takes place at a school site with multiple levels.  In the event that Permittee experiences problems and/or requires assistance in accessing campus elevators, the Permittee shall contact the assigned Custodian immediately.
  10. Kitchen Facilities
    1. No kitchen equipment or facilities are permitted.  
  11. Special Equipment
    1. Use of District equipment requires prior approval (fees, if applicable) and must be submitted during the application process.
  12. Protection of Facilities
    1. All permits will be issued for specific rooms and for specific hours. It shall be the responsibility of the permittee using the building to see that the unauthorized portions of the building are not used by its attendees.
  13. Open Meeting
    1. Immediately following the opening of the meeting, a statement shall be read informing those in attendance that the Board of Education is not sponsoring the meeting and is neither approving nor disapproving what is to be said at the meeting and also informing them as to the nature of the organization holding the meeting and the purpose for which the meeting is held.
  14. No Violation of Law
    1. No activity shall be conducted which constitutes a violation of any federal, state, or local law.
  15. Profanity, etc.
    1. The use of profanity, possession or use of vape pipes, cigarettes, cigars, intoxicating liquors, drugs, or narcotics, quarreling or fighting, betting or other forms of gambling, conducting a raffle or lottery, are prohibited and shall be enforced by the permittee.
  16. Safety Regulations
    1. The user at all times during the use and occupancy of the premises shall thoroughly comply with all ordinances, laws and regulations affecting the use and occupancy thereof, including all state and local fire, health, and safety laws, ordinances, and regulations. User agrees to enforce “No Smoking and/or Vaping”.
    2. Lighted candles and any devices having any form of open flame are prohibited; any material or device which constitutes a fire hazard is expressly prohibited.
  17. Gym Floor
    1. No person wearing street shoes of any type shall be permitted to walk on the gym floor when participating in basketball, volleyball, badminton, and similar types of activities.
  18. Erection of Structures, etc.
    1. No structures may be erected or assembled on school premises nor may any electrical, mechanical, or other equipment be brought thereon unless authorized.
  19. Damages
    1. All school property shall be returned or left in the same order, condition, and degree of cleanliness as existed at the time of entry. Users shall reimburse the District the cost of cleaning, repair or replacement due to any damage to facilities or equipment associated with the use of the facilities.
  20. Gratuities
    1. No money shall be paid to any school employee in the form of a “tip” or “gratuity”.
  21. Neighbors
    1. All groups are responsible to ensure that their participants and spectators respect the privacy of residents adjacent to facilities and play fields. Activities of any type that disturb or cause extreme annoyance to neighbors are prohibited.


Failure to comply with District Rules and Regulations may result in the denial of future use of school facilities.