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Terms of Use

College of Marin, Indian Valley Campus

Terms of Use


All Facilities

Under BP 6700 and Educational Code Section 82537, College of Marin is a civic center.

Permission to use facilities may be granted only when the facility is not in use for classes, instructional activities or other college events and activities. Approval of any facility request will be subject to availability of the facility AND personnel. The college may require its supervision of activities of those using college grounds, gymnasiums, pools and other athletic and recreational facilities. Any request which require specialized personnel will result in additional personnel fees.

No request is confirmed until your request in Facilitron has been approved an all documents related have been received (i.e. certificate of insurance). Permission to use any of our facilities cannot be granted for a period of more than one semester, and events cannot be scheduled more than six (6) months in advance.

Use of the facilities will be opened to the community once the college class and event schedules have been received an entered into Facilitron.  We aim to open rental requests in April for use July – December and October for use January – June.

Failure to comply with the following terms and conditions and/or District rules and regulations, will result in users being asked to leave and/or immediate cancellation of the reservation.

Cancellation of Scheduled Use   

User may cancel scheduled use with at least seven (7) days’ notice to the Facility Rental Supervisor or the User will pay half of the rental amount and fees.

A permit may be canceled whenever a need for the facilities arise for College of Marin’s educational purposes or those of other use agreements arises after issuance of a permit.  Any fees paid toward that reservation will be refunded.

The college, at its discretion, shall have the right to cancel and/or terminate a Facilities Use Permit immediately and without notice upon its discovery of violation of any term, condition or provision of the permit on the part of the permittee.  Should any such violation occur, the college, at its discretion, shall have the right to deny any future requests by the permittee for the use of any other college property or facilities.



Hold Harmless

Applicant/organization shall be held responsible for any and all loss accident, negligence, injury or damage to person, life or property which may be the result of, or may be caused by, the User’s occupancy of the facilities or premises, and for which the District might be held liable. The User shall protect, indemnify and hold harmless the Marin Community College District, its Board of Trustees, the individual members thereof, and all District officers, agents and employees and volunteers for any injury, loss, damage, liability, cost, expense and/or any action or actions of any kind whatsoever that may arise or be occasioned in any way because of the occupancy of the facilities or premises, regardless of responsibility or negligence.

  1. The Users responsibility and liability set forth herein shall include, but is not limited to, taking all steps and actions necessary or required to address the COVID pandemic with respect to this agreement, including but not limited to, ensuring any of the undersigned’s volunteers, agents, personnel, and invitee(s) comply with all current and future requirements and recommendations issued by any government agency (including the City, County, State or the Federal Government, including its associated agencies such as the Center for Disease Control) related to the COVID pandemic that are applicable to the property, including adherence to any protective measures established by such government agencies applicable to events at or use of the property. The undersigned shall be solely responsible for determining and implementing the specific actions and requirements applicable to events at or use of the property. The undersigned shall be solely responsible for determining and implementing the specific actions and requirements applicable to the Activity listed in this reservation that is conducted at the property at the time of Activity, including any limitation on the number of attendees, required protective gear (such as mask and/or gloves) and the specific social distancing requirements applicable at the time.
  2. The undersigned acknowledges and understands that the District makes no representation or warranty regarding the condition of the property with respect to COVID at any time during this agreement and shall have no duty or responsibility to ensure the property is sanitized or otherwise made clear of the COVID virus. The undersigned shall be solely responsible for determining whether the Activity/use of the property listed below is permissible based on current and future regulations or requirements established by any governmental agency at the time of such event and shall indemnify, defend, hold harmless the District from any penalty, cost, or action claiming that any District activity at the property violated any applicable governmental regulation or requirement. However, the District, at its sole discretion, can require the undersigned to cancel or reschedule the Activity by the undersigned at the property if the District determines, at its sole discretion, that the Activity would be in violation of any applicable governmental regulation or requirement or create a public safety hazard. However, the District’s right to require cancellation or rescheduling shall in no way limit the undersigned’s liability and indemnification obligations set forth herein.



The undersigned shall procure and maintain during the life of this agreement, General Liability Insurance with a $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 Aggregate Limit of Liability for Bodily Injury, Property Damage, including Blanket Contractual Liability. Organizations that provide services for children shall provide proof of sexual molestation and abuse coverage with a $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate limit of liability. Sports Associations must show evidence that their General Liability Policy contains Athletic Participant’s.

The certificate of commercial general liability insurance shall name the District as additional insured. The additional covered party/insured endorsement must be in the form of an Endorsement attached to the organization’s Certificate of Insurance and must contain the following text: Marin Community College District, 835 College Ave., Kentfield, CA, 94954

The insurance coverages noted above shall be considered primary and non-contributory. The undersigned shall pay for any and all damage to the property of the District, or loss or theft of such property, done or caused by any persons associated with the undersigned and resulting from the named activity. The District assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any property placed on the premises. At the District’s sole discretion, limits of liability coverage may be increased and additional insurance may be required depending upon use of property. Facility Users who use the swimming pool must provide a licensed lifeguard who will be required to be on deck at all times while attendees are in the pool area

BP/AP 3507 COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

Per BP/AP 3507 passed by the Board of Trustees in October 2021. Effective November 1. 2021 Contractors, Subcontractors, consultants, facilities renters, leaseholders, community partner agencies, Emeritus Students College of Marin, auxiliary organizations, and other entities and individuals with which/whom the District has agreements (referred to collectively and individually as “Covered Entities”) must require vaccinations for their officers, employees, guests, users, agents, volunteers, visitors, and all others who access District campuses or facilities. Covered Entities must verify that all such individuals are vaccinated prior to their accessing District campuses or facilities. Individuals who are not eligible to be vaccinated based on their age are not subject to the vaccine requirement but must comply with all other safety measures. Covered Entities must process any exemption requests and approve only those that are required by law. Covered Entities may not allow testing in lieu of vaccination unless an individual receives a legally approved exemption to the vaccination requirement, in which case the Covered Entities must require regular testing. Covered Entities must also comply with any other District COVID-19 health and safety protocols in effect, including those set forth in the Administrative Procedure and any other implementing administrative procedures. Covered Entities are responsible for complying with the Administrative Procedure, as well as ensuring the compliance of their officers, employees, guests, users, agents, volunteers, visitors, and all other associated or affiliated with Covered Entities who access District campuses or facilities.

In order to enter or participate in Marin Community College District events, visitors and guests present on-campus or in other District facilities who are not otherwise covered by the Board Policy must show proof of vaccination or proof of negative COVID-19 test result from a test taken within the 72 hours prior to the event. This requirement applies to all District events including, but not limited to, athletic events, book readings, musical performances, orientation and recruiting events, student organization events, and theater performances.

Please review full BP and AP 3507 on the following links:

Property Damage

All school property shall be left in the same order, condition, and degree of cleanliness as existed at the time of entry. Any organization or group using college facilities is liable for the care and protection of District Property and will be charged for any damages sustained to the premises, furniture, or equipment associated with the use of the facilities. If damage does occur please email Lindsay Bacigalupi, Facility Rental Supervisor, immediately at or call 415.884.3124. 

Alterations to College Property

A facility user may not remove or displace furniture, apparatuses, college-related signs, banners, posters, etc., without the written permission of the College.

Facility user may not mark, puncture, or deface in any manner equipment and furnishings, including floors, doors, windows, mirrors, walls and ceilings.

A facility must be restored to its original condition and seating configuration prior to user vacating the premises 

Payment of Fees

A ten percent (10%) deposit is required once the reservation is approved in Facilitron prior to the event. Failure to submit the deposit and a Certificate of Insurance will result in cancellation of the reservation. Full payment is due prior to the event date. All estimated fees shall be paid for in advance of the facilities use.  Any outstanding balance past 30 days may prohibit future rental ability with the Marin Community College District.

Holiday Schedule

Facility use is not permitted on college holidays or when the college is closed. Holidays will include the listed holidays on the Human Resources website at in which the college is offline for facility rentals. These times are considered paid holidays for college personnel up to and including the weekends.





Specialized personnel may be required during scheduled use at the Facility Rental Supervisors discretion. i.e. Site Supervisor, Custodial, grounds, pool technician etc. at the overtime rate, with a minimum of four hours.

Event Advertisement

When promoting your event, you may use the college and campus name to direct your attendees. You must state that neither the program nor the content is endorsed or sponsored by Marin Community College District or College of Marin.

You may NOT use the college logo.

Special Events

The District reserves the right to charge per vehicle parking for special events.


No food or drink concessions may be operated unless they have been approved by the Facilities Rental Supervisor. Marin Community College District retains the first right of refusal for all concessions.

All vendors being used by the Renter, must be disclosed to the Facility Rental Supervisor.  Renter is responsible that the vendor has all appropriate permits and insurance for the hired use. The District may require insurance, permits or other documentation be submitted to the Facility Rental Supervisors office.


The user at all times during the use and occupancy of the premises shall thoroughly comply with all ordinances, laws and regulations affecting the use and occupancy thereof, including all state and local fire, health, and safety laws, ordinances, and regulations.

It is the responsibility of the rental groups to ensure that all participants and spectators are notified of the rules and regulations of the facilities and parking. All groups are responsible to ensure that their participants and spectators respect the privacy of residents adjacent to facilities and playing fields.  Activities of any type that disturb or cause extreme annoyance to neighbors are prohibited.

Lighted candles and any devices having any form of open flame are prohibited; any material or device which constitutes a fire hazard is expressly prohibited.

Emergency Protocol and Preparedness

Prepare yourself to provide the best emergency assistance in times of crisis.  Each classroom has a copy of the College of Marin Emergency Guidelines Handbook. Here is the link for your information as well.

In case of emergency please call 911.  For urgent matters, contact the College of Marin dispatch at 415.485.9696.  For non-urgent calls, please contact the College of Marin Police at 415.485.9455. 


In accordance to BP/AP 3570, Marin Community College District is a smoke free and vapor free environment.  Smoking is prohibited on any District property EXCEPT in Designated Smoking Areas. District property refers to any and all buildings, parking lots, as well as property on the Kentfield Campus, the Indian Valley Campus and the Bolinas Marine Lab property. Smoking products, including cigarettes, cigars, little cigars, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, snuff and an electronic device that delivers nicotine or other vaporized liquids to a person inhaling from the device may not be used within 250 feet of a youth sports event.  A youth sports event is any practice, game or related activity organized by an entity at with athletes up to 18 years of age are present.


Section 21113A of the California Vehicle Code grant the authority for the Marin Community College Police Department to enforce ALL Vehicle Code violations on the parking lots and roadways within College District property. In addition, the District may adopt its own regulations, to provide adequate parking and the safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles. 

PARKING permits are required, Monday through Saturday (except school holidays) even if class is not in session. Daily permits may be purchased for $4.00 in the ticket machines located in the parking lots. Park in marked spaces only. Do not park along the road or block vehicle access. Handicapped parking is enforced

The following information is posted at the entrance to college parking lots:

  • Valid properly displayed parking permits are required at all times (Sundays, and school holidays excluded.)
  • Park in marked stalls only
  • Obey posted signs and markings
  • No parking between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.
  • Vehicles parked over 72 hours will be towed at owner's expense
  • Illegally parked vehicles will be cited or towed
  • Speed limit 10 mph
  • Vehicles parked in lot 13 (free parking lot) at Kentfield must be parked perpendicular facing a log or boulder. No parking between 5 p.m. and 7 a.m.
  • No motorhome or bus parking in any lot. Team buses must make arrangements with the Kinesiology and Athletics Department and Police Department prior to arrival
  • The upper section of parking lot 5 at the Indian Valley Campus in Novato is free parking. If the parking lot is full visitors must use another lot and purchase a parking permit.


The above regulations apply 365 days a year unless otherwise noted. Illegally parked vehicles can be cited and/or towed, even if the class is not in session. Read all signs and road markings carefully. Be sure to park only in a marked stall, clearly display your permit, and lock your vehicle.


No animals shall be allowed in any District facility with the exception of service dogs or miniature horse per AP/BP 3440.


There is no storage available on campus.  Please take with you all equipment and items brought with you to your reservation each day. You may not bring any storage unit, container, cart etc. without asking for permission from the Facility Rental Supervisor.


  • The use or possession of narcotics, firearm, dangerous drug, alcoholic beverages or gambling equipment on college property is expressly prohibited
  • No Food or Drinks (except water) are allowed in classrooms, labs, theaters or practice rooms, without written permission of the Facility Rental Supervisor.
  • No structures, electrical modifications, or mechanical apparatus may be erected or installed on District property without specific written approval.
  • Signs may be posted in and around college facilities only with the permission of the college and in places and manners designated. They will be removed immediately after the event by the permittee. Users should not expect their meeting or event to be advertised through college media.
  • Any poster or directional sign that bears the college name must be approved by the Facility Rental Supervisor.
  • Promotional signs or banners require advanced permission from the Facility Rental Supervisor.
  • Overnight camping in or out of vehicles is strictly prohibited.  No barbecue fires, or cooking of any type is permitted on campus, unless prior written approval is given by the Facility Rental Supervisor, Director of Maintenance and Operations or College of Marin’s Chief of Police.
  • Non-conformance with regulations governing the use of the athletic facilities may result in the withdrawal of the use permit
  • College athletic equipment may be used only when the college gives special permission.
  • If you move items, equipment, furniture, etc., the facility must be restored to its original configuration prior to user vacating the premises.
  • Please notify all participants and spectators of the rules and regulations of the facility and parking.
  • Devices, of any kind, that heat food that require them to be plugged in and/or use a flame, of any kind, are not permitted on the premises of any facility.
  • No BBQs, propane tanks, generators, chafing dishes, crock pots, slow cookers, candles, Bunsen burners, hot pots, hot plates, electric kettles, personal heaters, rice cookers, etc.


Use of the facilities will be opened to the community once the college class and use schedules have been received an entered into Facilitron.  We aim to open rental requests in April for use July – December and October for use January – June.

Miwok Aquatic and Fitness Center

Locker Rooms 

Groups using the locker rooms must supervise/monitor them at all times to ensure the safety of all the children using the locker rooms and for cleanliness.

Lockers are available for use on a daily basis.  Users must provide their own lock.  Locks left on lockers after pool closing each day will be cut off.

No food or drinks, except water is allowed in the locker rooms.

Please bring your own towels as none are provided for you.


No individual from any aquatic group or class is allowed on deck until an officially certified coach or supervisor for that organization is on deck

All renters must have appropriate Red Cross Certifications.  Renters using a parent organization for insurance (i.e. USA Swimming, USA Diving, USA Water Polo, etc.) must submit a current coach’s card for each coach issued by their parent organization in order to demonstrate that their insurance is in effect.  All renters insured by parent organizations also take responsibility for ensuring that all team members have a current registration card.

Renters who do not use a parent organization for insurance purposes must submit copies (front & back) of the following current Red Cross Cards: CPR, First Aid and Coaches Safety Training (or its equivalent). All certification documents (fronts and backs) need to be emailed or mailed to the Facilities Rental Supervisor before use is permitted.  Please email to or mail to Facility Rental Supervisor, College of Marin, 835 College Ave, Kentfield, CA 94904.

Lane Lines and Flags

Only those that have been trained may move lane lines and flags. Coach or designated personnel must notify all user groups in the pool prior to moving any lane line for flags. Any lane lines or flags that have been moved must put back or up each day. Backstroke swimming should not resume until the flags are inspected and confirmed to be back at the legal distance‚Äč.

The lane lines must be guided by someone on deck. If they are rolled in a haphazard fashion, they will become tangled when removed. One end must be securely attached to the next line before rolling. This is especially important when adding lane lines to partially full reel.


Pool Testing

Prior to any group getting into the water, please test and log the chlorine, pH and note the water clarity of the pool(s) your group will be using. The test kit and log sheet is located in the Lifeguard office. If anything is out of the ranges noted on the log sheet, please notify the Pool Maintenance Technician by phone asap for further instructions.


Gates/Doors and Access

Access to the pools will be through the gates closest to the Dive Tower not the building.

Secure and lock all gates and doors in the facility at the end of your rental period. All keys and lock boxes should be secured and locked. No gate or door to the pool is allowed to be propped open at any time. Please make sure that all patrons of your organization have vacated the restrooms and locker rooms before leaving the facility.

Dive Tower and Pool

Diving boards and platforms are for diving teams only.  Only those authorized to use the tower may do so.

Priority of the Dive pool are for diving teams and organizations first; then to those groups that require deep water, then others aquatic programs as necessary and who can operate safely.

Fitness Center

By authorized use only

ATTIRE:  Shoes and appropriate clothing are required. Tennis, jogging, basketball or cross-training/lifting shoes are all acceptable. Hiking boots or shoes with metal or plastic hooks are not allowed. If you have been wearing your gym shoes for street use, make certain they are clean. Shoes caked in mud or dirt are not acceptable.  Clothing with belts or zippers, rivets or protruding buttons are not allowed.

Shirts are required to be worn in the facility and should appropriately cover one’s chest, ribcage and abdomen.


EQUIPMENT CARE: All equipment shall be used in the manner of its intended use within the confines of the Fitness Center. All weights, bars, straps, bands and any other supplies, equipment or materials must be returned to their storage areas. Leave bars stripped for the next user.

CLEANING OF PERSPERATION: Warm, moist environments are where bacteria grow. Therefore, in order to protect against transmission of certain kinds of infections, all users must wipe down gym equipment with sweat wipes after use.

GENERAL CLEANING: Only “liquid chalk” may be used in the facility. Weightlifting or gymnastic chalk is messy and creates additional work for staff. Be sure to dispose of any trash, water bottles, wrappers or any other messes that could be left behind prior to leaving the facility.

FOOD AND DRINK: No food or sugary/diet/supplement drinks are allowed in the Fitness Center.  Only water is allowed in the Fitness Center.  Gum is strictly prohibited.

DEFACEMENT OF FACILITY: User shall not injure, mar, damage nor in any manner deface the Facility or any equipment contained therein and will not make nor allow to be made any alterations of any kind to the Facility or equipment contained therein. In the event of defacement or changes, the user will bear all costs.

REMOVAL OF PROPERTY: User agrees that all equipment, supplies and materials owned by College of Marin shall not be taken outside of PE 20 without explicit permission. All items that are not owned by the College will be removed from the premises before the end of each session unless otherwise agreed upon.