Independence School District
Terms of Use

Facility Use Request Independence 30

School District


User agrees that the property and facility of the Independence 30 School District (facility herein shall be defined as the portion of the property wherein the event is being held as well as any other parts of the campus being utilized by the group including, but not limited to, parking lots, fields, sidewalks, hallways and restrooms)  shall be used only for purposes that conform to, and in a manner consistent with, federal, state, and local law and the policies and procedures of the Independence 30 School District and only for the purposes as described herein.


1.      User agrees to abide by all fire, safety, traffic and parking, and public safety requirements of the Independence 30 School District

2.      The Independence 30 School District seeks to ensure that all children have access to quality education and tools that enable them to achieve their full potential and to fully participate in the social, economic, and educational opportunities of our community state and nation.  The use of District facilities for any purpose contrary to that goal or the interest of public education shall not be permitted.  

3.      The use of school facilities shall not be permitted for private commercial purposes

4.      The District reserves the right to deny use of any facility for any legitimate non-discriminatory reason such as, but not limited to, risk of damage, loss, or liability

5.      School activities or functions will take precedence over any and all request

6.      A user who is requesting a regularly, or repetitive, scheduled use of District facilities or grounds shall also provide additional information to the District, by attachment to the request form, providing the reason for the extended use, stating whether the requesting party is in the process of building and/or establishing a permanent place to gather, and their mover out plan from their existing facility, if applicable. Please allow for a minimum of 30 days for review and approval.

7.      To ensure compliance with the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the United States of Constitution, the District reserves the right to limit the length of time that the facility can be rented by any party.

8.      Outdoor signs and advertising may be set in the yard on the day of the event, (or specific day of use) and must be removed by evening same day

9.      The use of all school facilities for any purpose whatever shall first be cleared though the principal or person in charge of the property in question and ultimately by Facilities service.  Application forms shall be secured online or from the building requested. Using during summer months maybe cleared through the Director of Facilities Services only.

10.   No request for usage shall extend past July 1st of any year

11.   No school building shall be used by non –school groups without the presences of a school custodian or responsible approved representative of the school

12.   Special permission must be received to serve meals

13.   All notices of literature, whether web-based, found on social media, paper or otherwise shall carry or contain a disclaimer noting that the facilities or grounds are being rented from the District after school hours and that he District does not sponsor or endorse the group

14.   Smoking is not permitted on any Independence 30 School District property

15.   The sale, consumption, possession or those under the influence of alcoholic beverages or illegal substance shall not be permitted on the premises at any time.  Nor shall any person who is in a drunken state or intoxicated condition, or who is under the influence of liquor, be permitted on the premises. The primary contact person above will be held responsible for the enforcement the rule

16.   The use of profane language, including language that is demeaning or disparaging in nature is not permitted

17.   Gambling in any form is not permitted in any facility

18.   The Independence 30 School District is fully committed to its Board Policy that there shall be no unlawful discrimination against any person because of race, color, religion, disability, age, gender, or national origin(or other classification as applicable)  Any violation of the Independence 30 School Districts Board Policies or regarding non-discrimination or any applicable state or federal statute by groups using the Districts facility will be grounds for termination of the rental agreement. Each group and/or organization must be accompanied by one adult (21 years of aged or more) who has been placed in charge and who is responsible for the actions of the group or organization.  The organization’s adult in charge will be request to arrive prior to the gathering of persons and will remain until all persons leave the building and the building condition is properly checked. 

19.   Groups will be required to pay the listed charges for the ISD technician to run any audio, visual, staging, or lighting equipment, including but not limited to spotlights, sounds systems, stage, lighting, and rigging owned by the Independence School District, with the exception of houselights, which groups will have the option of turning on.  Groups will be allowed to bring temporary equipment to use. If personnel are not available, systems cannot be used. The use of any other district owed equipment such as furniture (including but not limited to pianos, stage equipment, tables, chairs, etc.) is contingent upon the express written consent of building principal and approval by the Superintendent or designee.  Any use of district equipment of any kind without prior approval of the district is grounds for termination of this agreement. Related cost for moving district equipment are charged back to the group at Custodial rates with minimums.

20.   Groups will be permitted to bring, set-up, and use their own equipment and supplies while using school facilities.  However, groups are not permitted to store these items in district buildings or school grounds. The only occasion where groups will be permitted to store their supplies or equipment on district property is when the rental agreement is more than one consecutive day no school activity is being held at the facility in between uses by the renter.  For example, groups may be permitted to bring equipment/supplies to a facility on Saturday evening prior to a Sunday morning event. The district will not accept any responsibility for damages occurring to the supplies and equipment of outside groups.

21.   All logos, emblems, insignia and other district and/or building images shall be and remain the property of the Independence 30 School District.  Any group not affiliation with the district in the event that a group using district facilities chooses to make audiovisual recordings using non-school owned equipment, groups will be responsible for covering any school logos emblems, or other identifying images prior to making the recording.

22.    Concessions right at any activity conducted in a school are reserved for school groups unless otherwise stipulated in writing by the principal and approved by the Superintendent of Schools. PTA activities may be authorized directly by principals.

23.    User agrees to promptly pay for: (1) the actual cost of any and all medical expenses for any injuries that may occur to any persons as a result of user’s use of the Independence 30 School District; and (2) the actual cost of replacing or repairing any property that is damaged as a result of the user’s use of the Independence 30 School District facilities.  User knowingly, voluntarily, and for adequate consideration releases and waives the further agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Independence 30 School District, its board members, administrators, employees, agents, insurers, and volunteers from any and all claims, demands, suits, actions, and liability arising or alleged to arise in any manner out of injuries or damages sustained by any person of the use of the Independence 30 School District.

24.    User agrees to use the facilities, notwithstanding any negligence of the Independence 30 School District, its board members, administrators, employees, agents, insures, and volunteers.

25.    Groups not affiliated with the Independence 30 School District agree to provide proof of comprehensive general liability of insurance of not less than $1,000,000.00 per occurrence which names the Independence 30 School District as an additional insured.

26.    The school District reserves the right to cancel this agreement if such proof of insurance is not provided at least two weeks prior to the scheduled use and maintained throughout the use.  Proof of insurance needs to be included upon submittal of facility request.

27.    Failure to abide by the terms of this agreement, may result in the immediate termination of the agreement by the Independence School District


28.    Any payments to custodians or other school personnel for extra work shall be made only through regular school payroll channels.  No payments shall be made directly to a school employee by any group using the facilities

29.    Cancellations are accepted up to 48 hours prior to the facility use.  Cancellations of less than 48 hours may result in penalties

30.    All permits issued for the use of the school facilities are subject to cancellation whenever conflicts arise with the use of facility for school purposes.  When possible, due notice will be given, but it is not mandatory

31.    The Independence 30 School District reserves the right to cancel this reservation if in its sole discretion, it has reason to believe that the facility use will connect with the General Conditions above.  The Independence 30 School District also reserves the right to change/cancel reservations as needed.

32.    This agreement may be modified by the Independence 30 School District as needed

33.    Users of Facilities will abide by the General Conditions

General Responsibilities of Event Sponsors/Contacts

34.    In the event of a school cancellation all outside events will be canceled.  Event sponsor/contacts are responsible for all participates, guests and any other person attending the event.  Sponsor/contact must also ensure your group stays in the area applied for. Do not let participants/guest walk the halls or wonder the buildings.

35.    Ensure the event has the appropriate amount of security and chaperoned to maintain safety and security



Use of equipment will be contingent on the express written consent of the building principal and approval of the Superintendent of designee.  If equipment is not located in building event is being held, group will be required to bring their own or additional fees will accrue.


*By placing this Facility Use Request, renter agrees to abide by the General Conditions for Facility Use.  Signee also verifies that they are of legal authority to sign for the entry