Maury County Public Schools
Highland Park Elementary School
Terms of Use


 Public school building and other facilities of the Maury County Board of Education have been constructed for the purpose of housing the educational program of the school system. The Board realizes that these facilities are public property and encourages their use for activities which will enhance the cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities in the community. When school facilities are used for such programs, their use should not interfere or conflict with the regular educational program of the school system. School facilities will only be made available to residents of Maury County or organizations with their principal place of business in Maury County who otherwise qualify for use of a school facility under the terms of this policy. 

In no instance is the purpose of the Board to realize a profit in renting a school facility; however, the Board, in opening school buildings for use as defined above, does incur certain expenses. The Board reserves the right to bill any facility user basic operation costs and extra services beyond those costs. Therefore, a rental fee for use of various school facilities subject to the provisions in this policy, and/or other rules and regulations (e.g. a written contract) may be required. 

Persons, agencies and/or organizations seeking use of school facilities and grounds shall present proof of liability insurance.

1. Maury County Schools 

a. The use of facilities by Maury County Schools shall take priority over all others and will be allowed without rental fees. The organizations include but are not limited to: 

i. Student Organizations 

ii. PTO’s (or equivalent) 

iii. School Booster Clubs 

iv. For-profit / non-profit businesses as designated by Maury County Schools which enhance the education or recreation of the students or staff when invited by the school to perform an activity. 

2. Other Governmental Agencies 

a. Use of facilities may be granted to governmental agencies without rental fees. 

i. Maury County governmental agencies 

ii. Local City / Community governmental agencies 

iii. State and Federal Agencies

3. Public, Cultural, Community Oriented Organizations 

a. Use of facilities may be granted for purposes which shall include but are not limited to the following: 

i. Community non-profit programs

ii. Non-profit cultural programs (e.g., Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.) 

iii. Colleges, Universities, Community Colleges, and area vocational-technical schools

iv. Non-partisan political forums 

v. Non-profit extended day care programs as approved by the Board 

vi. Non-profit theater, dance and/or musical productions 

vii. Community non-profit charitable fund-raising programs sponsored by service organizations 

viii. Religious, non-partisan political or philosophical groups

4.    Personal / Private Business / For Profit Entities

a. No building shall be available for personal, private, or for-profit use, except as permitted above.

5.    Lease of Facilities

a. The Board leases buildings and property on the portions of the buildings and property it determines appropriate. Beginning with any new lease or lease renewal after January 1, 2022, lessees shall not have access to any classroom which is in use as a classroom.

b. Maury County Schools may terminate a lease at any time by giving written notice to the Lessee at least 90 days prior to the date when such termination becomes effective. 

c. The Board shall approve and review new fee schedules annually. 

d. Beginning with any new lease or lease renewal after January 1, 2022, an organization or entity may request to lease a Maury County Schools facility for up to one (1) year with no more than four (4) additional renewals for a total of five (5) years. This applies to any/all Maury County School facilities. 

e. Any request for usage beyond the terms outlined above must be made in person to the Maury County School Board. 

6. All uses and/or leases of facilities shall be subject to this and other board policies.


The Maury County Board of Education has control and supervision of all school facilities in the Maury County School System and grants the temporary use of them to others. All parties wishing to use a Maury County Schools facility must complete the following process.

Facility Use Request:

➢ The group requesting use must enter their request in Facilitron.

➢ Nonprofit Status: The link to determine nonprofit status can be found here: 

All outside organizations must be a non-profit entity with a principal office in Maury County. 

Groups must provide Certificates of Insurance. 

o Minimum amount of $1,000,000 (One Million Dollars) per occurrence required.

o Maury County Schools must be listed as both certificate holder and additional insured.

o Policy must be always current. It is the responsibility of the renter to make sure this is kept up to date. 

Custodial Services:

➢ The outside organization is responsible for the cost of cleaning supplies and/or cleaning by either providing each at their own cost or contracting with the district through Facilitron. All facilities must be returned to School Day Condition at the conclusion of each event.

➢ When custodial services are needed at any facility the outside group will be required to pay a $150 flat charge per day for the services provided. Payment will be made through Facilitron. 

Conditions Governing Use of School Facilities

➢ A full-time employee of the school system must be on duty whenever an organization or group uses a building or facility. 

➢ All groups must meet the criteria outlined in MCBOE Policy 3.206. 

➢ No outside groups will begin with its activities until school is dismissed in the afternoon and the students have left the building. 

➢ On days when school is closed because of inclement weather, all activities scheduled for that day shall be canceled or postponed. Facilities may be opened for scheduled activities when the Director of Schools and/or designee in consultation with the principal grants permission. 

➢ No groups will, under any circumstances, tamper with any electrical or heating controls (i.e., electrical panels, equipment rooms, thermostats, etc.). 

➢ The use of alcoholic beverages, drugs, profane language, or gambling in any form is NOT permitted on school property. Use of tobacco products within school buildings or facilities is NOT permitted. 

➢ Outside groups will be responsible for any damages incurred during a facility usage (to property, equipment, or grounds). Groups will be held liable for these damages. 

➢ The site supervisor will monitor the usage of the facilities and the conduct of the persons in attendance. All groups must stay contained to the area(s) approved in their request. Groups deemed to have left their designated area(s) or whose conduct is not deemed appropriate will not be granted future usage. 

➢ Technical support requirement for auditoriums may be waived by the district when applicable. 

➢ All outside groups are restricted to the dates and hours approved in Facilitron. 

➢ The Maury County Board of Education will cooperate with recognized agencies such as the Red Cross and Office of Emergency Management and will make suitable facilities available without charge during community emergencies.