High Point Elementary
Terms of Use

Gahanna Jefferson Public Schools

Regulations Governing Use of School Facilities


It is the responsibility of the group sponsoring the activity to see that the participants and spectators adhere to the following regulations:

  1. Applicant agrees to abide by all State and local codes when using the building and grounds, and to prohibit any unbecoming conduct within the building and/or on the grounds.

  2. Applicant agrees to be responsible to the Board of Education for the proper use and care of building and grounds, and further agrees that the character of entertainment or activity will conform to that stated in the application.

  3. The building will not be opened until adequate adult supervision is present. Youngsters not accompanied by parents or other adult supervision will not be permitted in the building.

  4. The applicant agrees to use only the areas of the building mentioned in the contract, restrooms and nearby hallways. The remainder of the building is not to be used.

  5. The organization or individual using the building or grounds shall assume all liability to spectators and to the Board of Education for said use and will pay for any damage incurred to people or property. This includes the cost of removing markings from crayons, paints, oils, etc. from floors, walls, doors or other parts of the building.

  6. Parking in designated spaces. No vehicles are to park on the grass or asphalt playground areas.

  7. There will be no use or sale of intoxicating liquors or illegal drugs anywhere on school property.

  8. There will be no smoking in the buildings or anywhere on school property.

  9. All paper and decorations used in decorating the buildings will be flameproof. Lighted candles or other sources of fire are not to be used in the buildings.

  10. Nails or screws will not be used for fastening decorations to any part of the building.

  11. The building will be cleaned and rearranged for the school use before the next school day, or within twenty-four hours, whichever is lesser. An additional charge will be made for non-compliance unless a custodian is scheduled for this responsibility.

  12. Additional regulations governing the use of the building may be made by the building principal, subject to the approval of the Assistant Superintendent, Business Affairs.

  13. The individual or group using the buildings may forfeit the privilege of further occupancy if any of the above rules are violated.

  14. Hold Harmless Clause

The individual or group agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Board of Education, its individual members, and its officers and employee, against any and all claims, demands, causes of action, and judgments arising from or related to the presence on school premises of said organization’s members, officers, invitees or agents or said organization’s actions or failure to take action in performing its responsibilities under this use Agreement.



Gahanna Jefferson Public Schools

Regulations Governing Use of Outdoor School Facilities

(ball diamonds, playgrounds, ect.)


  1. Trucks or other vehicles arriving at a school site to dump or unload materials shall have permission from school officials (Principal or building or Asst. Superintendent, Business) before proceeding. This is to insure that loaded trucks will not travel over ground too soft, or travel on asphalt play areas that cannot support the weight.

  2. Parking blocks will not be removed for ingress or egress to ball diamonds without approval from school authorities.

  3. Vehicles must park in the parking lot or on the street. No vehicles are to park on the grass or asphalt playground areas.

  4. Flume sand for the ball diamonds will be delivered as needed and is to be spread immediately. There will be no excess sand laying around in piles.

  5. Portable toilets will not be delivered to the sites until after school is out in the spring, and must be removed from the premises before school resumes in the fall.

  6. The concession stand at Middle School West will be serviced by using the chain gates. A key will be provided by the building principal. After serving, vehicles will be removed to the parking lot.

  7. Trash will be placed in barrels or dumpsters. Barrels must be emptied into main dumpster each day.

  8. All premises will be thoroughly policed and cleaned of paper and other debris each day.

  9. Participants and spectators will be supervised to insure protection of facilities and buildings from vandalism and defacing.

  10. Report all unusual incidences or those incidences beyond your control to school authorities and/or police.




It is the responsibility of the group sponsoring the activity to provide the ways and means to see that these regulations are adhered to.


The above regulations have been read and it is understood that any variances from these conditions will be the responsibility of the grantee as designated above.  Additional fees may be applied upon submission of staff time sheet and walk through report.  Cancellation - minimum two business days or forfeit $125.


Clean-Up Agreement (as applicable)

The grounds/restrooms will be kept clean at all times. If the sports fields/restrooms, surrounding areas and/or parking lots are not kept clean by the contracting group/individuals associated with the contracting group the district maintenance department will perform the clean-up as necessary and the contracting group/individual will be invoiced at the rate of $50.00 per hour. All trashcans/barrels at the fields must be dumped into the trash dumpster as part of this clean-up agreement.


Parking (as applicable)

It is the responsibility of the contracting group to notify coaches/parents/fans of the parking agreement. The contracting group will also be responsible for enforcement of the parking agreement. Vehicles are not to park on the residential streets, field area/grass, asphalt playground area, against the building or in any designated fire lane/no parking zone. No exception for inclement weather — coaches/parents/fans should watch from the designated parking area. Inclement weather includes rain, snow, wind, heat, cold but not limited to the conditions listed. Fire lanes must be open at all times — including when school is not in session and weekends. It is necessary should emergency vehicles be needed that they have unobstructed access to all facilities/grounds. Any damage caused by the contracting groups/individuals associated with the contracting groups violation of the parking agreement will be invoiced to the contracting group.


Grass (as applicable)

The Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools agrees to have the grass mowed in the area to be used prior to the tournament.


Field Maintenance/Bases and Equipment (as applicable)

Field maintenance will be performed by the contracting group. Bases and other equipment will be the responsibility of the contracting group.


Rain Clause (as applicable)

One (1) day of rain or inclement weather conditions that prevent games from being played will equal a 1/3 reduction in the field rental fee. Two (2) days of rain or inclement weather conditions that prevent games from being played will equal a 2/3 reduction in the field rental fee. The $50 trash removal fee will not be reduced.