Hockinson School District
Hockinson High School
Terms of Use



1. School functions preempt all other usages

2. Payment shall be made in advance unless prior arrangements have been made or unless fees are waived.

3. Any group or individuals using the facilities accept responsibility for any damage done to District property and shall reimburse the District for any damage.

4. When no custodial charge is made, the group or individuals agree to clean the facilities and restore the equipment/furniture to its original arrangement.

5. Only facilities listed in the application will be used by the group. Groups will provide their own sports equipment except volleyball poles and nets.

6. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Groups or individuals using school facilities accept responsibility for enforcement of this regulation.

7. The district reserves the right to cancel, upon short notice, any meeting or activity.

8. Adult Supervision needs to be provided at all times.

9. Facilities will not be available on school closure days due to holidays, vacations or inclement weather.

10. A school employee must be on duty. Exceptions may be granted by the superintendent.

11. Groups or individuals using school facilities agree to protect and indemnify for costs, legal and other expenses the District, its officers, directors and agents from all claims, liabilities or suits related to or arising from acts or omissions of such groups or individuals in connection with the use of any such school facilities.


The following procedures have been authorized by the school board. These procedures are an addendum to policy/ procedure 4260 and 4260P.


• Unsupervised activity on school district property is prohibited.

• A non-refundable processing fee will be charged for each facility use application.

• Unless other arrangements are made, all fees and charges are due at the time the application is submitted.

• If custodial/technician services are needed, a two (2) hour minimum will be assessed. (Note: due to shortage of custodial/technician personnel, it may be impossible to secure such services for some events, and therefore school facilities will not be made available.)

• A monitor fee per event will be assessed to all users except those waived by the superintendent. Waivers will only be granted in cases where a school district employee who has regular and customary access to the area agrees to co-sign a facilities use agreement.

• A minimum 2 hour clean-up charge will be assessed for any cleaning necessitated by rental use and whenever food is served. A Food Service kitchen employee is required to supervise if any kitchen equipment is used, at the going rate of pay.

• Activities scheduled on weekends or non-school days will require a 3-hour minimum monitoring fee charged at the weekend/non-school hourly rate.

• Groups or individuals using school facilities agree that any public promotion and/or publication of the event will include a disclaimer, reasonably calculated to be noticed, which states that the event is not associated with the Hockinson School District and/or Hockinson Community Education Program. The name and phone number of a contact person must also be included in the disclaimer. Established, non-sectarian youth groups whose purpose is to promote the general welfare of all boys and girls are exempt, i.e. Scouts, Campfire, 4-H, sports, recreational and educational groups. SAMPLE The XYZ Group is not associated with the Hockinson School District or Community Education Program. For more information about our activities you may contact John Q. Public at 555-9999.

• Ongoing community-wide youth and adult programs who use the school district facilities on a regular seasonal basis must submit a general application for facility use by September 1 for the upcoming school year. Applications for indoor recreational usage by other than the programs referenced above will not be accepted prior to August 20 for the upcoming school year. Applications are accepted on a first come first served basis.

• No balloons in High School Commons.

• No open flames or lit candles in any of the facilities.

• Failure to comply with all district procedures will result in denial/ loss of facilities use.