Linden Community Schools
Hyatt Elementary School
Terms of Use


A. Regulations 

1. Precedence of School Organizations 

The use of school facilities for school purposes, meeting of students, teachers, parent-teacher organizations or other organizations directly affiliated with the schools have precedence over all others. 

2. Applications/Process for Request 

Parties requesting use of facilities must obtain a Facility Use Contract (See Form #) from the Linden Community Education office, located in Linden High School. The form must be completed, signed and submitted to the Community Education Director a minimum of ten (10) business days in advance of use. The signing party may be an authorized signatory of the applying organization or a private individual. In either case the signatory will become the party responsible to the District for the facilities use and compliance with all District rules and regulations. If more than one (1) date is being requested, each date must be listed. The Community Education Director reserves the right to move non District affiliated groups from specific areas for a school related event as school related events take precedence. 

3. Sublet or Assignment 

In no case will any party to whom a permit has been granted assign, transfer, or sublet. 

4. Approval Facilities 

Upon written approval of the application by both the Building Principal and Community Education Director, a copy will be sent to the applicant. The applicant's request should NOT be considered approved until the applicant receives the signed copy. Approved users should have their copy of the building use permit available for presentation to the Custodial Staff or school officials upon request. 

B. Requirements 

1. The Board reserves the right to demand sufficient time for full investigation, notice and arrangements of all requests 

for the use of school facilities. 

2. Supervision and Security 


All activities must be under competent adult supervision approved by the Building Principal and Community Education Director, User groups must take reasonable steps to ensure orderly behavior and will be required at their expense to provide school approved security personnel as determined necessary by the Building Principal and Community Education Director. 

3. Damage and/or Property Loss 

Users will be responsible for paying for all damage incurred by their use of the facility or equipment, including property of students and employees. In the event that property loss or damage is incurred during use or occupancy of District facilities, the amount of damage shall be determined by the Building Administrator and approved by the Superintendent. A bill for the damages will be presented to the group using the facilities. Payment must be made within two (2) weeks of receipt of the bill. The District will not be responsible for any loss of valuables or personal property. 

4. Nature of Programs 

Programs and activities of users must be of a nature suitable for presentation in a public school, must be lawful, and must conform to all of the policies of the Board. Persons or groups, whose activities or programs are determined to be illegal or inappropriate for presentation in public school building s or school grounds, will not be granted permits. 

5. Restrictions on Use 

Approved users are restricted to the dates and hours approved and to the building area and facilities specified, unless requested changes are approved by both the Building Principal and Community Education Director. Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances are not permitted in school facilities or on school property. Smoking in a school building is prohibited by Board Policy 7434 and by Federal law. All users must comply with these regulations, 

6. Fire and Safety Regulations 

Approved users are responsible for complying with all local and State fire and safety regulations at all times, Corridors, exits and stairways shall be kept free of obstructions. Members of an audience or spectators must never stand or sit so they block exits, aisles or stairways. Facility capacities, as determined by the fire marshal, shall be observed. Decorations are subject to the approval of the Building Administrator. The use of open flames, such as candles, is permitted only with written permission from the Fire Marshal and the Building Principal. 

7. Condition of Rooms 

User groups are expected to leave all rooms, furniture and restrooms in the condition and arrangement in which they were found. User groups must bring their own supplies for their events (art supplies, glue, paper, pencils, markers, etc.) User groups may not use the classroom supplies. Any additional custodial services which are necessary to return the facility to the condition in which it was found shall be paid for by the user group. 

8. Cancellations of Events 

It may be necessary to cancel community use of a school facility in the event of school closings as a result or weather, equipment failures, and unforeseen emergencies. School cancellations will be announced on Channel 12 Flint, Channel 5, Channel 6, WWCK 105 FM and WCRZ 108 FM. 

9. Custodial Staff 

A member of the Custodial Staff shall be on duty whenever a facility is being used. The Custodial Staff will be responsible for handling furniture and equipment. Handling of specialized equipment (lighting and sound) is not the responsibility of the school Custodial Staff and shall be performed only by an Auditorium Technician. 

10. Opening of Offices 

Custodial Staff have been instructed that only in the case of extreme emergency are offices to be opened and/or District telephones to be used. 

11. Food in Buildings 

No food items are to be consumed in District facilities without the prior knowledge and consent of the Building Administrator. Should a kitchen area be desired for use of food preparation, it is understood that an approved member of the school cafeteria staff may be necessary at user expense to supervise the kitchen. 


12. Opening and Closing of Buildings

Custodial staff will normally be at buildings one-half (1/2) hour before the scheduled program time but are directed not to open the facility until the supervisor for the sponsoring group is on duty. 

13. Enforcement of Rules 

Responsibility for enforcement of rules and regulations concerning use of all school facilities rests with the user group. Permits to use a facility may be cancelled at any time when there is evidence that the rules and regulations outlined herein are being violated. In case of cancellation, the District assumes no liability other than return of fees charged for unused facilities and where no expense has been incurred as a result of the application having been processed. Any infractions of the building use regulations herein may also be grounds for refusing to grant subsequent requests for the use of school facilities. 

14. Liability Insurance 

The User(s) may be required to take out and maintain current throughout the term of this agreement a public risk insurance policy with a reputable insurer, having an A.M. Best rating of A- or better in which (a) the Linden School District is indemnified in an amount not less that $2 million for any claims whatsoever (including injury to persons or damage to Property) arising out of the use of the Linden School District premises by the User(s); (b) the Linden School District is named as an Additional Insured under the policy, and (c) the policy or a certificate of insurance must be produced to the Linden Community Education Department prior to use of the facilities. User(s) and the Linden School District agree that any insurance policies procured by User(s) that provide benefits or protection for the Linden School District shall be primary and that any policies procured by Linden School District arising out of User(s) use of the Linden School District premises shall be excess. 

C. Categories of Use 

To ensure the care and preservation of school facilities and equipment and to ensure fairness and consistency in the implementation of Board policy governing use of facilities, the following categories have been established. These categories have been established to determine priority for use and a schedule of fees for approved user groups. 

1. Category 1: K-12 Program Activities and Community Education Programs 

K-12 program activities and community education programs are those which directly relate to regular or extra curricular school sponsored K-12 events and enrichment programming. These include before and after school enrichment programs, music performances, plays, athletic events, parent orientation meetings, honor society inductions, award banquets, etc. K-12 program activities must have dates approved a minimum of ninety (90) days prior to the date of use to guarantee availability of the requested facility. Scheduling of the high school auditorium, K 12 programs and community education should be done during the District's annual spring scheduling process. 

Fees for Category 1 

For use during usual building hours of operation, no rental charges will be assessed for activities and performances which are considered part of the regular or extracurricular school sponsored community education and K-12 programs. The overtime cost for labor shall apply and will be charged to the user group. All custodial overtime fees must receive prior approval from the Building Administrator. In addition, requests for permits for extraordinary activities involving prolonged set-ups, use and clean-up and/or special services may require an additional fee. 

2. Category 2: Student Groups/Groups Organized to Benefit Students and School Support Groups 

Linden Community School's student groups/groups organized to benefit students and school support groups come under two (2) definitions. Student groups and groups organized to benefit students are defined as groups that are interested in using school facilities for a particular solitary, occasional or regularly scheduled use for an activity with recreational, civic, educational, cultural or charitable goals and are staffed by staff, students or adult volunteers and whose activities are organized for the primary benefit of the students. Typically, the only adults in attendance would be those required to provide appropriate supervision and oversight as necessary in the judgment of the Building Administrator. If acceptable to the Building Administrator, student groups may be self-led. School support groups are defined as Music Boosters, Athletic Boosters, Hockey Boosters, PALS, the Linden Community Educational Foundation, the Linden Predators, etc. 

Fees for Category 2 


For use during usual hours of operation, no rental charges will be assessed. The overtime cost for labor shall apply and will be charged to the user group. When activities in Category 2 involve ticket sales, admission fees or are of a fund-raising nature, fees listed in the schedule for Category 4 may be charged. A rental fee will be charged for use of facilities during weekends to groups using facilities, as this requires custodial staff and the overhead costs of maintaining building heat, air, etc. All custodial overtime fees must receive prior approval from the Building Administrator. In addition, request for permits for extraordinary activities involving prolonged set-ups, use and clean up and/or special services may require an additional fee. 

3. Category 3: Private Resident Use/Community Groups and Government Organizations 

Private resident use/community groups are defined as informally organized groups of community residents who are interested in using school facilities for a particular use, who are requesting solitary, occasional or regularly scheduled use for an activity with recreational, educational,, cultural, or charitable goals. This group includes, but is not limited to, recreational groups, which limit membership and is not open to the public, neighborhood associations, and other groups whose activity has limited participation. Participants in these groups will typically be adults. Government organizations are defined as units of local, city and township government (and quaisi-government such as Economic Development Corporations) and their established committees. Such groups will be issued permits for space and facilities a third priority basis. Examples of Category 3 users include, but are not limited to, local Scout organizations, Linden/Argentine Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Development Authority, Economic Development Authority, and local, city and township units of government. These groups will be assigned third priority of available spaces. 

Fees for Category 3 

Users will be charged according to schedule for allowable space permit. The overtime cost for labor shall apply and will be charged to the user group. In additions, requests for permits for extraordinary activities involving prolonged set ups, use and clean-up and/or special services may require an additional fee. When activities in Category 3 involve ticket sales, admission fees or are of a fund-raising nature, fees listed in the schedule for Category 4 may be charged. Participation at scheduled events must be composed of at least fifty-one percent (51%) Linden Community Schools students in order to be in Category 3. If attendance at a scheduled event is determined to be composed of less than fifty-one percent (51%) of Linden Community School's students, then the group will be classification 4. 

4. Category 4: Commercial Users/Non-resident Groups 

Commercial users defined as private, for profit businesses, vendors or entrepreneurs, shall not be routinely serviced in school facilities, and are discouraged from application for use of school facilities. Non-resident groups are groups of users composed of a majority of people living outside the District. Approval of all applications in Category 4 will be based upon the following criteria: Benefits to the District and community; educational contribution; potential wear and tear on school facilities; appropriateness of the activity; and relationship of the activity to the stated mission of the District. 

Fees for Category 4 

Category 4 users will be charged according to the schedule for allowable space permits. Payment for rental of facilities is due when the facility use form is turned into the Community Education Department. The overtime cost for labor shall apply and will be charged to the user group. The user group will be charged for any time over and above the time stated on the facility use form after the event. A deposit of $500 or ten percent (10%) of the total estimated fee, whichever is greater, shall be paid by these groups to reserve the facility with the balance of all estimated fees due at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of use. 

D. Schedule of Fees for Direct and Indirect Costs 

1. Facility Fee Schedule - Per hour 

Category of Use 



Category 1


Category 3

Category 4






Media Center















Elementary Gym




















Computer Lab






No items can be stored on school property. 

* Scout groups (Category 3) will be charged $1 per meeting. 

** Soft soled shoes only. 

A fee may be charged when an event is expected to cause excessive wear and tear on a facility or additional utility costs, i.e. air conditioning of auditorium during summer months). This fee will be determined on an individual basis and will be presented to the user prior to the approval of the facility. 

2. Equipment Rental Charges 

Charges to user groups for special equipment or services provided are as follows. All fees are for one (1) day use. 

Grand Piano - $35 

Other Pianos - $25 

Overhead with Screen - $25 

Podium - $10 

Portable Sound System - P.A. with Microphone - $25 

Projector with Screen - $25 

Tables - $5/ea. 

Chairs - $1/ea. 

3. Personnel Charges 

Custodial Staff - When a group or organization uses a facility during the time the Custodial Staff is normally on duty, the Custodial Staff will see that the facility is properly heated, that lights are turned on and off, and that doors are opened for the group's use of the facility and locked up after the group leaves the facility. If services of the Custodial Staff are requested in addition to the above and the Custodial Staff is called away from his/her regular duties, then the group will be required to pay the rate listed for each hour or fraction thereof that they are obliged to work overtime because of services rendered. This amount will be estimated and charged and at the end of the event re billed if more time is required. Users will be charged for the Custodial Staff time required to set up special school equipment and furniture (e.g. P.A., tables for large banquets, risers, etc). If a group uses a school facility at a time when a Custodial Staff member in not normally on duty, then all of the Custodial Staff's overtime for the period their services are required, shall be charged to the renting user group. No overtime shall be paid directly to any school employee by the user group. All Custodial Staff charges will be based on the overtime provisions of the current Custodial Staff contract and will be billed by the business office after scheduled facility uses. 

Overtime Custodial Staff Rates: Monday through Saturday $25 per hour (minimum of 2 hours) 

Includes costs for wages as established by Custodial agreement, as well as FICA, workers' compensation insurance, and State retirement. 

Overtime Custodial Staff Rates: Sunday $30 per hour (minimum of 2 hours) 

Includes costs for wages as established by Custodial agreement, as well as FICA, workers' compensation insurance, and State retirement, 

Food Services/Kitchen Supervisor: $20 per hour (minimum of 2 hours) 

Includes costs for wages as established by current food service agreement, as well as FICA, workers' compensation insurance, and State retirement. 

Auditorium Technician: 

Light systems manager $15 per hour initial set up 

Light Technician $7 per hour 

Sound Technician $7 per hour 

Includes costs for wages as well as FICA, workers' compensation insurance, and State retirement. 

Computer Technician: $20 per hour 

Includes costs for wages as well as "FICA workers' compensation insurance, and State retirement. 

4. Collection of Fees 

Individuals requesting the use of school facilities will be responsible for payment for all costs incurred, including the cost per hour charged for the use of the facility. The school District requires full payment of facility use fees upon approval of facility. If the event requires an as estimate, one hundred percent (100%) of the estimate must be paid in advance with any extra amount due immediately after all the costs are determined unless a deposit is agreed to under special circumstances. 

5. Cancellations by User Groups 

Holders of permits may cancel by giving 48-hour notice to the Community Education Director without penalty. If less than forty-eight (48) hours, permit holders will be held responsible for any costs incurred. A fee of twenty-five percent (25%) is nonrefundable for all cancellations unless twenty-five percent (25%) does not cover all incurred charges, a larger percent may be charged. 

E. Concluding Statement 

The District herein has attempted to provide for maximum usage of school facilities within a framework that will guarantee to the community that school facility use is in no way a detriment to the regular educational program of the students. Fees are designed so that no undue burden is placed upon the public as a result of individual group use of school facilities.


1. ALL CHILDREN must be supervised AT ALL TIMES by an adult. Children are not to be dropped off, they must be escorted to the appropriate area of the building. This applies to participants, spectators and siblings. NO CHILD IS TO BE LEFT UNATTENDED FOR ANY REASON.

2. Permit holders and coaches are responsible for the actions of their participants and spectators.

3. When in the building, please stay in your assigned area. Please make sure children are not running in hallways or in other parts of the building.

4. The start time on your permit is when you can enter the assigned area and the end time is when you are to exit.

5. When renting a classroom, please be respectful of the teacher’s desk area, do not disturb messages left on blackboards/whiteboards and do not use any school supplies or equipment without permission.

6. Only clean tennis shoes are permitted in the gym.

7. Park only in designated areas. This does not include grassy areas around buildings or fields.

8. If using any outside areas, you are responsible for picking up all of your trash.

9. Tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs are not allowed in facilities or on grounds. Profanity will not be tolerated.

10. There may be a time when your request may have to be canceled. School-sponsored activities have priority, Community Educations programs have second priority, and all other events have third priority. You will be notified in advance when possible and accommodations in another facility will be provided if available.

11. Use of the kitchen facilities requires a kitchen staff member employed by Linden Schools to be in attendance at all times. This requires additional fees.

12. Use of facilities that occur outside of normal custodial hours of operation will require additional fees.

13. A 50% deposit is required for fees exceeding $100.

14. All rentals, equipment and kitchen fees are subject to change without notice.

15. No pets are permitted inside any buildings or on school grounds and fields.

16. Please leave the area in as good or better condition that you found it. Be kind, be polite, be safe and enjoy. Failure to operate within these guidelines may lead to removal from the facility and denial of future facility requests.

17. Failure to pay for your facility will result in denial of future use of any Linden Community School facility.

18. AEDs are available in all school buildings. A map indicating the placement of the AED in your facility will accompany your building permit.