Oakley Union Elementary School District
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Terms of Use

Oakley Union Elementary School District

Application and Permit for Use of School Property




Please note that school functions have first rights to all properties and that you may be asked to reschedule your event. If applicable, your group will receive a bill for custodial overtime approximately one month after the event.



Applications must be completed and submitted to the school principal for non-school activity 30 days prior to the date of the event. The facility use fee (and any appropriate custodial or kitchen fees) MUST accompany the application (see the Facilities Use Fee Schedule for rates). Facilities may be reserved for a maximum of three (3) months at a time.



A Comprehensive and General Liability Certificate of Insurance with the following minimum requirements must be submitted to the Maintenance and Operations Department two (2) weeks prior to the date of the event:



General Liability

$1,000,000 Occurrence; $2,000,000 Aggregate

Auto Liability – Any Auto

$1,000,000 Single Combine Limit (CSL)

Workers Compensation

Statutory Limits pursuant to State Law

Employers Liability


Property Damage


2. The Oakley Union Elementary School District must be named as additional insured



Facility use fee MUST accompany the application (see the Facilities Use Fee Schedule for rates). Fees for custodial services and/or kitchen use must also accompany the application. Any additional hours beyond the scheduled event times will be invoiced following the event.



If an approved event is canceled, the Maintenance and Operations Department must be notified prior to 48 hours before the event. Failure to advise the Maintenance and Operations Department will result in two (2) hours of custodial overtime fees of $35 per hour and the minimum 2-hour rental fee. If a change in time, date, room or equipment arises, please notify the Maintenance and Operations Department as soon as possible prior to the event.



If kitchen facilities are to be used, a Request for Use of Kitchen Facilities form must be completed and submitted along with the facility use application. Please note that a food service worker will be assigned to work the event and your group must submit payment for this expense in addition to the rental fee and any custodial fees.



If your group or organization requires exclusive use of a custodian during the event, it must be noted on the Application and Permit for Use of School Property. The custodian's primary duty is to the user group. When a custodian has been assigned to a specific user activity and the user has not arrived one (1) hour after the scheduled arrival time, the custodian may secure the site and leave the premises. Overtime compensation will be paid at two (2) hours regardless and the user will be charged accordingly. Custodians assigned extra work for community service events are guaranteed a minimum of two (2) hours for each assignment. A custodian receives one 15-minute rest break in each 4-hour period and one 30-minute meal break in an 8-hour shift.



• The sale and/or serving of alcoholic beverages on school property are prohibited

• The use of school district facilities for private use by individuals is prohibited

• The use of ALL tobacco products in or on school district property is prohibited


If you have any questions, please call the Maintenance and Operations Department at (925) 625-7065


All rules and regulations of the Board of Trustees and provisions of the

Education Code of the State of California (Civic Center Act) are to be

observed strictly by those using School District facilities and grounds.

A Cancellation of Application and Permit for Use of School Property form must

be submitted to the Maintenance and Operations Department 48 hours prior to

the date of intended use in order to avoid financial obligation for any charges



Use and occupancy of School District property shall be primarily for public

school purposes. Any authorized use or occupancy of the property for other

than public school purposes shall be secondary and subordinate to this

primary purpose.

The school principal has full responsibility for supervision and management of

all property of that school at all times. He/she is authorized to assign use and

occupancy of the property during school hours for meeting of other groups

provided that such meetings are not inconsistent with and do not interfere with

the use of the property for school purposes.


The Maintenance and Operations Department of the School District shall

approve all applications for the use and occupancy of School District property

by authorized individuals or groups during non-school hours.


School premises shall not be available to non-school organizations during

times that have been scheduled in advance by the various school principals for

school exercises or functions or in connection with regular schoolwork.


Charges for use of School District facilities shall be determined from the

Facilities Use Fee Schedule. Custodial fees and kitchen use fees are in

addition to the facility use fees.


Nothing shall be offered for sale at meetings without special permission from

the School District. No person or organization other than approved user shall

distribute any literature or any other item or articles at a meeting held in or on

School District facilities.


Use of tobacco products, intoxicants or narcotics is strictly prohibited in or

about School District buildings and premises, nor shall profane language,

quarreling, fighting, or gambling be permitted. Violation of these rules by an

organization during occupancy shall be sufficient cause to deny further use of

School District premises to the organization.


School District furniture or equipment may not be removed or displaced by any

user without permission from and under the supervision of the School District

employee in charge.


Any individual, group, or organization using School District property for Civic

Center or other purposes shall defend and hold the Oakley Union Elementary

School District, its governing board, the individual members thereof, and all

district officers, agents and employees, free and harmless from any liability,

lawsuit, cost, expense, or claim of any type whatsoever (including those for

attorney fees) for any harm or injury arising out of the permitee use of

occupancy of the School District facilities or grounds. School District property

shall be protected from any damage or mistreatment and permittee shall be

responsible for the condition in which they leave the School District buildings,

fields and grounds. In cases in which School District property is damaged, the

cost thereof shall be paid in full by the permittee.


Upon receipt of notice that a permit has been issued to a non-school agency for

use, the Maintenance and Operations Department shall designate a regular

employee to open the building, be in charge during the use, and to clean up and close the building after the use. The School District employee in charge of the building or grounds, within or upon which any event may be held, is empowered to take all necessary means to enforce these rules.


Any permit may be revoked without previous notice if conflicting dates have

resulted or where need of the property for public school purposes has

subsequently developed. For other cause, permits may be revoked at any time

upon reasonable notice.


Persons or organizations using School District premises including stage or

stage equipment shall not be permitted to remove or displace furniture or

equipment nor change or manipulate controls except as requested and

approved at the time of application.


A School District employee assigned to the facilities requested or any other

school person, other than the principal of the school, shall not permit any

individual or group to use any equipment, room, or other facility on the

premises, which was not designated on the application as, approved by the

Maintenance and Operations Department. Any departure from the original

approved request allowed by the Maintenance and Operations Department must

be communicated to the Maintenance and Operations Department as soon as

possible prior to the event. Applicant should be aware of the possibility of

additional charges resulting from the change in facilities.


The school office shall assume no responsibility for mail for a non-school

group and shall not permit the use of the school telephone or school mail

system by any such group or representative thereof.


The School District reserves the right to require police protection at the user's

expense for meetings held on school property when it deems such protection

desirable. The user group must make such arrangements if requested.


Organizations granted the use of School District buildings or grounds may be

permitted, at the discretion of the Maintenance and Operations Department, to

use School District equipment which needs an operator, such as public

address systems, etc., provided the user agrees to pay all costs, including

labor, to which the District may be subjected by reason of such use.


School District premises shall not be used by any person or group as its

political campaign headquarters.


In most instances, it is assumed that a School District employee will be on

duty during the time of usage. However, it is understood that the School

District reserves the right to determine whether or not a School District

employee shall be assigned during any or part of the use period.


It shall be the responsibility of the School District employee on duty to see that

these rules and regulations are enforced and to report any violations or

attempted violations to the Maintenance and Operations Department and school

principal. Whenever the School District determines that these rules and

regulations have been violated, the School District shall revoke the permit in

question and shall not issue future permits to the organization. This decision

may be appealed to the Board of Trustees.


Opening the buildings for use shall be dependent upon the showing of an

approved use permit application to the School District employee in charge.

OUESD programs and activities shall be free from discrimination, including

harassment, with respect to a persons actual or perceived sex, gender, ethnic

group identification, race, national origin, religion, color, physical or mental

disability, age or sexual orientation. Furthermore, any programs or activities

taking place on the properties of the OUESD pursuant this Application and

Permit for Use of School Property shall similarly be free from such