Educare Center
Terms of Use

Use of School Property for Public Purposes. Use is subject to the following section of Board Policies.


Use of tobacco or alcohol is prohibited anywhere on district property.


Facility Use Permits will not be granted for personal use.


No use shall interfere with the regular conduct of center work.


No use shall be granted in a manner as to constitute a monopoly for the benefit of any person or organization.


All permits automatically expire at the end of the scheduled event. If a program is scheduled for an entire school year, application expires June 30 of each fiscal year.


Requests for use of school buildings and facilities shall be made in advance.  Permission to use buildings and grounds require final approval of Educare Center Staff.


Use of facilities requires the presence of personnel. Fees for personnel will be charged to organization and payment is required two weeks before scheduled event. A minimum of four hours is required when district personnel must be present.


Any person applying for the use of school property on behalf of an organization must be a member of that group.


The organization shall be responsible for control and supervision of the event and shall take proper care as to no damage shall result in any property.