Dougherty County School System
Terms of Use


Application and Agreement

The Dougherty County Board of Education declares that school buildings and grounds shall be considered as community centers and made available for legal assembly, for public literary, recreational, educational or public agency meetings, or for the discussion of matters of general or public interest under the following conditions:

Not withstanding anything contained in policies KG-E(1); KG-E(2); or KG-E(3) or any other policy resolution or Act of the Board of Education, the Executive Director of Business Services of the Dougherty County School System is authorized to establish and collect fees for the use of Dougherty County School System buildings and grounds including fees for equipment use and

personnel necessary for the efficient and safe operation of the facilities:

  1. Permission for the use of school system facilities must be obtained from the school principal or building manager.  A written request for the use of a school system facility shall be made to the principal or building manager at least two weeks in advance, with a copy to the Superintendent

  2. Authorization for use of school system facilities shall not be considered as endorsement or approval of the activity, group or organization or of the purposes they represent.

  3. School sponsored activities shall have first priority.

  4. No use shall be inconsistent with the use of the building or grounds for school purposes, or interfere with the regular conduct of school work.

  5. Alcoholic beverages will not be permitted in school facilities or on school property at any time.

  6. The use of tobacco products is prohibited inside all buildings of the school system at all times.  The use of tobacco products is prohibited outside of buildings on School Board property during normal working hours.

  7. When a principal grants permission for a group to use school property, arrangements must be made with said group for the proper supervision of the activities and the proper cleaning of the premises following its use.

  8. Whenever the cafeteria is to be used by a group for the purpose of preparation of food and/or beverages a designated member of the cafeteria staff must be present and supervise the use of the cafeteria facilities.

  9. Rental fees for use of DCSS facilities may be charged.  The Superintendent shall establish a fee schedule.  Such schedule shall be based on the amount of space utilized and the length of time such facilities are used.   If the individuals referred to in paragraphs (7) and (8) are entitled to reimbursement, the funds to cover such reimbursement will be provided by the group using the facility.

  10. All rental fees collected for the use of the facilities are to be forwarded weekly, by noon Friday, to the Executive Director of Business Services.

This application must be signed by the individual acting for the organization who accepts responsibility for supervision of the function in accordance with board policy KG. The user of the facility will hold DCSS and all its personnel and representatives harmless from any problem resulting from use of the facility. The Agreement can be cancelled at any time for school activities.