Douglas County Central Office
Douglas County High School
Terms of Use

Douglas County School System


Use of School Facilities

  1. The non-school use of facilities shall be limited to citizens and organizations of Douglas County.
  2. The functions of school facilities shall be to accommodate regular day and night school programs for Douglas County School System pupils. Facilities shall be available for student organizations for extracurricular activities when approved by use by the principal.
  3. The meetings of community needs shall be considered an important function; however, use of school facilities to meet community needs shall not interfere with school programs for pupils.
  4. The use of school facilities by non-school community groups should be considered temporary and for special community events. Temporary and special community events shall be defined as an event occurring twelve (12) or less times a fiscal year (July 1-June 30) and shall qualify for “Minimum Rental” rates. See KG-R(3) for listing of “Minimum Rental” rates. Any non-school group requesting to use school facilities for an event more than twelve (12) times in a fiscal year will be considered an Extended Rental use of school facilities. Groups requesting to use system facilities for an Extended Rental would be subject to increased prices. See KG-R(3) for listing of Extended Rental rates.
  5. Use of facilities by non-school groups for more than twelve (12) times in a fiscal year shall be classified as Extended Rental Use of School Facilities. The Extended Rental Agreement shall not exceed 12 calendar months from the first anniversary of the execution of the original Extended Rental Agreement.
  6. Any group requesting extended rental of school facilities should attach a letter of explanation to the contract for use of facilities.
  7. Principals shall make provisions for adequate, competent, and responsible supervision of school facilities while in use by non-school community groups. See KG-R(3) for the recommended minimum number of personnel required for events.
  8. School facilities shall not be used to accommodate non-school dances. A non-school dance is defined as one which the general public may attend, whether by admission charge or not, that is not sponsored by the school.
  9. Pupils, adults, including employees of the Board and visitors to our schools, shall not smoke or use any tobacco products in school facilities or on school campuses.
  10. Alcoholic beverages shall not be consumed, displayed or served in public school facilities or on school property. In addition, by policy and law, schools are drug free and weapon free areas.
  11. All applications for use of school facilities should be made at least ten (10) business days in advance of the proposed activity.
  12. A request for use of the school facilities for non-school functions shall be submitted to the Chief Operating Officer by the principal. An NCR copy of the “CONTRACT FOR USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES” shall be submitted along with the request. The request is not “approved” until the contract is approved by the Chief Operating Officer and returned to the principal. See KG-E(I) for a copy of the “CONTRACT FOR USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES”.
  13. A 50% deposit of the estimated charges may be required by the Superintendent or designee.
  14. The school will pay the Board for one half (½) of the building rental fees for use of the facilities. Expenses for custodial and administrative employees will be involved to the school after the payroll department receives the hourly pay record.
  15. A contract for the use school facilities is not transferable from one group to another.
  16. The Superintendent and/or Board reserve the right to cancel a contract for use of the facilities when such action is deemed necessary for the best interest of the public schools. Facilities shall be not used when school has been closed due to inclement weather except as approved by the Superintendent or designee.
  17. In case an activity for which a deposit has been paid is canceled, the deposit shall be returned to the organization executing the contract.
  18. Heavy equipment will not be moved except as approved by the principal. When it is required that such equipment be moved, an amount to cover the cost shall be added to the rental agreement.
  19. When deemed advisable by the School Administration, police protection shall be specified as part of a rental contract. In such cases, the contracting organization shall be responsible for furnishing the police protection and paying for this service directly to each police personnel employed.
  20. Kitchens may not be used for non-school events.
  21. The use of classrooms by non-school groups will not be permitted without prior approval by the appropriate principal.
  22. Any overnight use of school facilities must be Board approval at least forty-five (45) days in advance of the activity. This includes school groups as well as outside groups. Chaperones shall be at a rate of one (1) adult per ten (10) students. A minimum of one (1) administrator shall be on-site at all times during the overnight activity.
  23. HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT. The facility use contract holder agrees to hold harmless the Douglas County Board of Education for any injury or damage to the person in the use of said premises, and to defend at facility use contract holder’s expense any legal action which may be brought against the Douglas County Board of Education or school personnel injury and/or property damage during the period of use.
  24. The user of the facilities and/or athletic fields shall obtain liability insurance coverage of no less than $1000,000 ($1 Million Dollars). The coverage shall be in effect at all times during the time the user of facilities or athletic fields occupy the same. The user of facilities or athletic fields shall provide a copy of either a certificate of insurance for at least $1000,000 ($1 Million Dollars) from their general liability policy or a copy of a special event policy from an insurance company of at least $1000,000 ($1 Million Dollars) liability coverage. The Certificate of Insurance must list "Douglas County School System 9030 Highway 5, Douglasville, GA 30134" as the "Certificate Holder." 
  25. Terms and Conditions of use of school-owned athletic fields shall be subject to the discretion of the Board.