Oconee County Schools
Dove Creek Elementary School
Terms of Use

Oconee County Schools Terms and Conditions

When making application for use of facility, I understand that I am responsible for making the following assurances:

  1. All in attendance will be supervised adequately by an appointed person charged with authority to control behavior.  Running wildly, horseplay, loitering outside the facility, acts of aggression, vandalism, and disrespectful behavior must not be allowed.  Some events may be required to hire Security personnel and/or require a refundable security deposit.

  2. Procedures for obtaining a key and for the security of that key will be made with the Director of Student Services.  No key will be duplicated. The key will remain in the possession of the individual who has signed for the key until it is returned.

  3. The Director of Student Services will be provided a schedule to include the time(s) of events.

  4. The facility will be cleaned after the event the furniture left in its original location unless other arrangements are made with the director of student services. Students may not be used at any time to get to do custodial type duties connected with these events. Expenses for utilities, custodial, supervisory, any other associated cost will be collected in advance for the use of the facility. 

  5. Alcohol or illegal drugs and not be allowed on property. Smoking and any other using tobacco products will not be allowed in any school buildings.

  6. The maintenance and/or modification of facilities and/or athletic fields is the responsibility of the Board of Education. Leasing organizations may not provide maintenance and/or modification to facilities and/or athletics minutes without the approval of the board of education/designee. 

  7. Any decorations or special equipment must be approved by the director of student services. Prime consideration will be attached and how they will be affixed. 

  8. School system personnel will determine playing field conditions are unsuitable to begin or continue play.

  9. All concession stand areas must be expressly approved in writing by the director of student services.

  10. The renting organization is fully responsible and liable for any accidents, injuries, or damages incurred during this event. Future use of this facility by renting organization will be reviewed annually. Certificate of insurance naming of Oconee County School System as additional insured will be submitting this application. Certificate Holder: Oconee County School System 34 School Street Watkinsville GA 30677.  Additional Insured: Example of sentence used for Additional Insured on the Certificate of Liability Insurance: “Oconee County School System is an Additional Insured on the general liability policy."