Castro Valley High School
Terms of Use

General Procedures - Terms and Conditions

A. Insurance Requirements. Applicant agrees to furnish liability or certificate of insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 combined single limits, with the District as an additional insured at least seven (7) calendar days prior to use of district facility.

B. Hold Harmless. In making an application for use of facilities, all users agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the district, its officers, employees and agents from any and all injuries, losses or damages, including damage to district property, which may result or arise in any way out of their use of the facilities, negligence of the user group, its officers, employees or agents.

C. Special Arrangements. A Use of Facilities permit does not authorize the use of certain District, school, or student body equipment. Arrangements for supervision and operation of any equipment shall be made by the applicant with the school administrator. Applicant will be liable for any damage or loss of equipment during facilities usage.

D. Structures. No structures (including tents), whether permanent or temporary, may be erected or assembled on school premises, nor may any extraordinary electrical, mechanical, or other equipment be brought thereon unless special approval has been obtained from the administrator or Maintenance and Operations Department.

E. Fireproofing. Any group using an auditorium or stage shall not disturb, move or change any existing equipment except with the permission of the site administrator and under the supervision of the site employee who is in charge of the facility. Any stage props used must be completely fireproofed. The district may request the fire department to verify certification of fireproofing at the renter’s expense.

F. Vehicles/Parking. No modifications to site parking provisions will be allowed, except District-approved signage. All vehicles will be operated on paved driveways and parking lots only; parking on paved play areas or in marked fire lanes is prohibited.

G. Indoor Facilities. For all facilities that are lockable and connected to an alarm system (e.g., library, gymnasium, secured outdoor athletic facilities), there must be a custodian or District representative on site for all events. The District’s site employee shall unlock and check-in the user at the beginning of the event, check-out the user and lock the facility at the end of the event, and clean the area used at the end of the event. In the event the activity requires additional personnel for event support, only District employees shall be utilized. The rate of pay will follow the fee schedule. Payment directly to District employees is prohibited.

H. Field Facilities. There is no field supervision by a District employee; therefore, the User is responsible for monitoring the behavior of participants and spectators, and must mediate any issues that may arise, or in the alternative, call the Sheriff’s Department at 510-6677721. All field use will be charged on an hourly basis. Refunds will not be given when the fields are not used because of rain; however, consideration will be given for make-up time. A credit/refund may be given on field use if User requests that another group be allowed to use the field for which User holds the permit, and the new User follows the proper procedure to request use of the facility. A full list of fields and associated rental fees are provided as Facility Use Fees.

I. Kitchens. Use of school kitchens may be granted to eligible groups when such use will not interfere with the regular school food services program. Such use must have the approval of the site administrator. When the kitchen area is used, a food services employee must be assigned to ensure sanitation, safety, and proper operation of equipment. This employee will act in a supervisory capacity only. The organization using the facility is responsible for preparation and cleanup. The rate of pay will follow the fee schedule. Payment directly to the District employee is prohibited.

J. Smoking/Tobacco Products. Smoking or tobacco products are not permitted on District property.

K. Alcohol. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on district property.

L. Revocation of Permit. Any violations of law, District policy and/or procedure will result in the immediate revocation of the Use of Facilities permit and removal of the group from District Property.

M. Violations. Applications will be denied if past use by an organization has resulted in violation of Board Policy, inconvenience for school use, damages to property, consistent lack of supervision, adverse behavior or non-payment of fees.

N. Changes or Cancellations. The renter may make changes to or cancel a request up to seven (7) calendar days prior to the event. All changes or cancellations must be submitted in writing (hard copy, email, or fax) to the site administrator and the Facility Use Coordinator at the District Office.

O. Security. Key control and security code control are mandatory. Under no circumstances is a non-District individual or student authorized to be in possession of keys to District facilities or have knowledge of security codes unless authorized in writing by the Superintendent. Grand master keys must be secured to the greatest extent possible and never loaned to students or non-employees.

P. Restroom Facilities/Portable Toilets. Users of outdoor facilities shall have the option of using District restroom facilities or making separate arrangements for renting portable toilets from an outside vendor. If rental of District facilities is for a period in excess of four hours, renter will be required to pay for the use of restroom facilities. If choosing to use District restroom facilities, a District representative must be present during the entire event and the appropriate fees for this service must be paid prior to the event. If the renter chooses to rent portable toilets, the renter assumes full responsibility. The renter must provide a copy of the rental agreement to the site administrator and District Office at least one working day prior to the event. The rental agreement must specify the cleaning schedule and the date of removal of the portable toilets. The renter must secure the portable toilets to the greatest extent possible.

Q. Candles/Open Flames. No candles, incense, open flames, or weapons are allowed on CVUSD properties. Barbecues are not allowed, except with the permission of the site administrator.

R. Signs. No signs are to be posted except on the day of the event, except as approved by the site administrator.

S. Trash Removal. All field user groups are responsible for picking up any litter left on the fields and removing the trash bags from the site.

T. Gambling. Facilities may not be used for any gaming or gambling purposes (e.g., raffles, bingo).

U. Pets. As posted on all school grounds, pets are not allowed on school property.

V. Post-Event Adjustments. Adjustments will be made for additional costs incurred or refunds for actual custodial costs based on the form Verification of Charges for Community Use of School Facilities. In addition, applicant will be billed for any damage or vandalism caused by their use of the school facilities.

W. Center for the Arts. Arrangements for use of the Center for the Arts must be made directly with the Center management. Applications may be obtained on the District website at under the Center for the Arts link.