City of Ridgefield
Terms of Use

Park Rental Rules and Regulations

General Rules for All Parks

Park Hours: All Park sites are generally open from 8:00 AM to Dusk, therefore rentals must conclude and vacate the premises no later than dusk. This includes time needed for tear-down/clean-up of event site.

*Upon special request, accommodations for later times can be made upon the application process.

o No glass containers are allowed in the Parks.

o Smoking is NOT allowed in the Parks.

o Parking cannot be reserved for an event. Other Park users during your scheduled event will share the parking lot.

o Dogs are allowed off-leash in the park. Voice control must always be maintained over your dog. Owners are required to clean up after their pets.

o You may bring a barbecue. Barbecues must be 75 cm from the ground and full clean up after you are finished is required. Coals must be doused with cold water and removed. If there is an extreme fire warning, charcoal barbecuing is not allowed.

o Grass areas may not be driven on.

o Renters must comply with by the City of Ridgefield’s Noise Ordinance, 9.14.010.

o For your protection, the City of Ridgefield recommends that all renters obtain public liability insurance for their event. This insurance protects you and your guests while using City property and is to indemnify against loss resulting from bodily injury and/or property damage.

o Installation of any equipment (bounce houses, tents, sound systems, etc) must be included and approved on your Park Use Permit Application.

• The following activities are NOT allowed in a City Park UNLESS authorized under a Special

Event Permit:

o Alcoholic beverages of any kind

o Fireworks

o Sale of goods and/or services


Overlook Plaza Rules

o Can NOT drive onto the Plaza without permission from the City.

o Can NOT attach things to stage in any way including tacks, stakes, etc.

o Canopies must be held down with a weight, NO stakes.

o Can NOT write anything on the plaza or stage.

o Renters are required to comply with the City’s electrical requirements (if applicable).

Abrams Sport Field Rules

o The City gives youth sports first priority when issuing permits for fields.

o In addition, the City gives priority (in the following order) to:

  • Leagues that require regular scheduled time slots

  • Tournaments and Special Events

  • Practices

o Fields can be reserved up to one year in advance.

o Sports groups are responsible for the lining of playing fields. All groups using the fields

must use non-toxic Sportsfield Whiting (CaCO3) or sports lining paint.

o Sport groups are responsible for their own equipment.

Abrams Bennett Hall, Kitchen, and Plaza

o Decorations may be attached to the ceiling, walls, or outdoor structure, with non-surface removing masking tape.

o Rice, birdseed, confetti, glitter, dance wax, etc., are not permitted inside or outside the building.

o Renters must supply their own silver, dishes, towels, glasses, pots, pans, coffeepots, and other supplies. Stoves, refrigerators and a freezer are available for use at Bennett Kitchen, but must be cleaned prior to leaving.

o Renters must agree on a check-in time with the City prior to the day of the reservation. If the kitchen is locked upon arrival, contact pager (360) 699-2598 for City Staff assistance.

  • The facility must be left in the same condition or better as when you arrived. The cost of any cleaning or repair will be deducted from your damage deposit. All cleaning must be done immediately after your event.

  • Place all trash in the garbage cans located outside the kitchen door.

  • Remove all decorations and anything else brought to the facility, including any masking tape used to hang decorations. Remove any props, decorations or garbage used in grass area.

  • Leave kitchen clean, wipe off all counters, appliances, clean floor and turn off all


  • The floor must be swept with a broom located in the kitchen at the conclusion of the event. All spills must be cleaned up and large spill areas must be damp mopped.

  • All doors to premises must be locked upon your departure. Failure to secure premises will result on forfeiture of damage deposit.



o The user group is responsible for any and all damage to the City’s premises, equipment and property. The individual or organization granted use is responsible for reimbursing the City for any loss or damage to property caused by such use.

o User Groups must leave the park/facility in satisfactory condition (clean and free of damage). All litter and garbage must be disposed of properly.

o The user group may be held responsible for all actions, behavior, and damages caused by the user group’s members, participants, and guests/attendees.

o A refundable damage deposit is required and is also due at the time of the rental confirmation deadline. A portion of the damage deposit may be withheld for repair, replacement, excessive cleaning, if balance of fees owed is still outstanding, and/or new service fees have been accrued, etc.

Revoke of Permit

o The City of Ridgefield reserves the right to immediately revoke any Park Use Permit.

The applicant agrees to immediately vacate the promises upon notice of termination by authorized City personnel, upon any of the grounds set forth below:

  • Physical damage to City property caused by an attendee, whether invited or not;


  • Violation of any law, ordinance or regulation of the State of Washington, County

            or City by any attendee, invited or not; OR

  • Violation of any permit requirements.




In addition to the Facility Rental Policies, RENTER agrees to the guidelines and hold harmless language as follows:

  1. Renter agrees to follow all local, state, and federal guidelines regarding human protection from and transmission of the Coronavirus. The Guidelines to strictly follow are located at various sites, including, but not limited to: 

  1. The Renter shall not hold the event and shall cancel their reservation if all Guidelines will not, are not, or cannot be met before, during, or after the event. 

  2. The Renter shall stop the event immediately and send all invitees/participants away if they are observed not to be meeting all required Guidelines.

  3. The City of Ridgefield may terminate the Renter’s use of the rental facility/park at any time if, in the sole discretion of the City, the City determines that the Renter or their invitees/participants are not in full compliance with the Guidelines.  If the City terminates the Renter’s use of the City’s facility/park pursuant to this paragraph, the Renter will be not be entitled to a refund of any fees and will not be entitled to recover any consequential damages arising from such termination.

  4. The City will sanitize facilities between rentals. However, the City makes no representation regarding the condition of the rental facility.  It shall be the Renter’s responsibility to clean, disinfect, and maintain a clean, disinfected, and sanitized environment before, during, and after the event, including the use of products to kill the coronavirus

  5. Assumption of Risk.  Renter recognizes that there is presently a significant element of risk of coronavirus transmission when any group of people gathers.  Renter has reviewed and understands the risks reflected in the local, state, and federal alerts and guidelines.  Renter assumes all risks, known and unknown, arising from use and occupancy of the City facility, including risks from the coronavirus

  6. Renter assumes full responsibility for any sickness, hospitalization, bodily injury, death, loss of personal property, quarantines, and all related costs and expenses of any person arising from use and occupancy of the City facility.  

  7. Waiver and Release of Claims.  To the fullest extent permitted by law, Renter releases and forever discharges the City of Ridgefield, its officials, employees, agents and representatives, from any and all claims and causes of action, for any injury or harm of any kind which may arise from or out of use and occupancy of the City facility, including the risks from Coronavirus.  This release is intended to discharge the City against any and all liability arising out of or connected in any way with use and occupancy of the City facility, even though that liability may occur or arise out of the negligence or carelessness on the part the City.  

  8. Indemnification. Renter, on behalf of his/herself and any affiliated organization, agree to defend, indemnify and hold the City free and harmless from any loss, damage, liability or expense that may arise in whole or in part from the use of City facilities and this coronavirus addendum, including as it relates to any exposre to the coronavirus. The defense and indemnity obligations under this paragraph sall apply regardless of the City or any other person or entity’s active or passive negligence.

Addendum acknowledgment: I acknowledge that I have read this addendum and agree to all of its terms and that I fully understand my responsibility to adhere to all Coronavirus guidelines and instruction during the use of the City facility/park.