College of Marin
Terms of Use

All Facilities


Under BP 6700 and Educational Code Section 82537, College of Marin is a civic center.

Permission to use facilities may be granted only when the property is not needed for educational purposes. A permit may be cancelled whenever a need for the facilities for educational purposes arises after issuance of a permit. Approval of any facility request will be subject to availability of the facility and personnel. The college may require its supervision of activities of those using college grounds, gymnasiums, pools, and other athletic and recreational facilities.  Any requests which require specialized personnel will result in additional personnel fees. No request is confirmed until your request in Facilitron has been approved and all documents related have been received.

Hold Harmless:

Applicant/organization shall be held responsible for any and all loss accident, negligence, injury or damage to person, life or property which may be the result of, or may be caused by, the User’s occupancy of the facilities or premises, and for which the District might be held liable. The User shall protect, indemnify and hold harmless the Marin Community College District, its Board of Trustees, the individual members thereof, and all District officers, agents and employees for any injury, loss, damage, liability, cost, expense and/or any action or actions of any kind whatsoever that may arise or be occasioned in any way because of the occupancy of the facilities or premises, regardless of responsibility or negligence.


All renters must provide a Certificate of insurance and additional insured endorsement that names the Marin Community College District as additional insured on the insurance policy. The Marin Community College District requires that applicant/organization be covered by a Comprehensive General Liability policy with minimum limits of $1,000,000 that covers all participants for the listed program/event. Applicant/Organization will provide Marin Community College District with a Certificate of Insurance listing the Marin Community College District as a Certificate Holder. The description of the Certificate of Insurance should clearly identify the covered party and the specific event or activity to be covered. An additional endorsement naming the Marin Community College District as additional insured must be included with the Certificate of Insurance. Please note this is a separate document from the Certificate of Insurance


Property Damage

All school property shall be left in the same order, condition, and degree of cleanliness as existed at the time of entry. Any organization or group using college facilities is liable for the care and protection of District Property and will be charged for any damages sustained to the premises, furniture, or equipment associated with the use of the facilities. If damage does occur please email Lindsay Bacigalupi, Facility Rental Supervisor, immediately at or call 628.234.8124

Alterations to College Property

A facility user may not remove or displace furniture, apparatuses, college-related signs, banners, posters, etc., without the written permission of the College.

Facility user may not mark, puncture, or deface in any manner equipment and furnishings, including floors, doors, windows, mirrors, walls and ceilings.

A facility must be restored to its original condition and seating configuration prior to user vacating the premises

Cancellation of Scheduled Use   

User may cancel scheduled use with at least seven (7) days’ notice to the Facility Rental Supervisor or the User will pay half of the rental amount & fees.


The college, at its discretion, shall have the right to cancel and/or terminate a Facilities Use Permit immediately and without notice upon its discovery of violation of any term, condition or provision of the permit on the part of the permittee.  Should any such violation occur, the college, at its discretion, shall have the right to deny any future requests by the permittee for the use of any other college property or facilities.


Payment of Fees

A ten percent (10%) deposit is required once the reservation is approved in Facilitron prior to the event. Failure to submit the deposit and a Certificate of Insurance will result in cancellation of the reservation. Full payment is due prior to the event date. All estimated fees shall be paid for in advance of the facilities use.  Any outstanding balance past 30 days may prohibit future rental ability with the Marin Community College District.


Holiday Schedule: Facility use is not permitted on college holidays or when the college is closed. Holidays will include the listed holidays on the Human Resources website at in which the college is offline for facility rentals. These times are considered paid holidays for college personnel up to and including the weekends.

Event Advertisement

When promoting your event, you may use the college and campus name to direct your attendees. You must state that neither the program nor the content is endorsed or sponsored by Marin Community College or College of Marin. You may NOT use the college logo.

Special Events

The District reserves the right to charge per vehicle parking for special events.


No food or drink concessions may be operated unless they have been approved by the Facilities Supervisor. Marin Community College District retains the first right of refusal for all concessions.


The user at all times during the use and occupancy of the premises shall thoroughly comply with all ordinances, laws and regulations affecting the use and occupancy thereof, including all state and local fire, health, and safety laws, ordinances, and regulations.


Lighted candles and any devices having any form of open flame are prohibited; any material or device which constitutes a fire hazard is expressly prohibited.



  • The use or possession of narcotics, firearms, dangerous drugs, alcoholic beverages or gambling equipment on college property is expressly prohibited.

  • No food or drinks (besides water) are allowed in the classrooms without written permission from the Facility Rental Supervisor.

  • Smoking: College of Marin is a smoke and vapor free environment. Smoking and e-cigarettes are permitted in designated areas of parking lots only.

  • Permission to use all facilities cannot be granted for a period of more than one semester, and events cannot be scheduled more than six months in advance.

  • No animals shall be allowed in any facility with the exception of certified canine assistants.

  • NO structures, electrical modifications or mechanical apparatus may be erected or installed on District property without specific written approval.

  • Signs may be posted in and around college facilities only with the permission of the college and in places and manners designated.  They will be removed immediately after the event by the permittee. Sponsors should not expect their meeting to be advertised through college media.  Any poster or directional sign that bears the college name must be approved by the Facility Rental Supervisor.

  • All groups are responsible to ensure that their participants and spectators respect the privacy of residents adjacent to facilities and play fields. Activities of any type that disturb or cause extreme annoyance to neighbors are prohibited.

  • Overnight camping in or out of vehicles is strictly prohibited. No barbecue fires or cooking of any type is permitted on campus, unless prior approval is given to you from the Facilities Supervisor/Director of Maintenance/Chief of Police

  • Please notify all participants and spectators of the rules and regulations of the facility and parking regulations.




Section 21113A of the California Vehicle Code grant the authority for the Marin Community College Police Department to enforce ALL Vehicle Code violations on the parking lots and roadways within College District property. In addition, the District may adopt it's own regulations, to provide adequate parking and the safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles. 

The following information is posted at the entrance to college parking lots:

  • Valid properly displayed parking permits are required at all times (Sundays, and school holidays excluded.)

  • Staff permits must be displayed in designated staff areas

  • Park in marked stalls only

  • Obey posted signs and markings

  • No parking between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

  • Vehicles parked over 72 hours will be towed at owner's expense

  • Illegally parked vehicles will be cited or towed

  • Speed limit 10 mph

  • Vehicles parked in lot 13 (free parking lot) at Kentfield must be parked perpendicular facing a log or boulder. No parking between 5 p.m. and 7 a.m.

  • No motorhome or bus parking in any lot. Team buses must make arrangements with the Kinesiology and Athletics Department and Police Department prior to arrival

  • The upper section of parking lot 5 at the Indian Valley Campus in Novato is free parking. If the parking lot is full visitors must use another lot and purchase a parking permit.


The above regulations apply 365 days a year unless otherwise noted. Illegally parked vehicles can be cited and/or towed, even if the class is not in session. Read all signs and road markings carefully. Be sure to park only in a marked stall, clearly display your permit, and lock your vehicle.

PARKING permits are required, Monday through Saturday (except school holidays) even if class is not in session. Daily permits may be purchased for $4.00 in the ticket machines located in the parking lots. Park in marked spaces only. Do not park along the road or block vehicle access. Handicapped parking is enforced.


Performing Arts

A House Manager is mandatory with any use of the James Dunn Theatre.  Fees may vary due to personnel available.

No food or drinks (except water) are allowed in the Performing arts rooms, classrooms and theaters.

Overtime rates will apply to all theater set up and breakdown


Athletic Facilities

  • Non-conformance with regulations governing the use of the athletic facilities may result in the withdrawal of the use permit

  • College athletic equipment may be used only when the college gives special permission.

  • Specialized personnel may be required during scheduled use at Managements discretion. i.e. Custodial, grounds, pool technician etc.

  • Please notify all participants and spectators of the rules and regulations of the facility and parking.



  • All pool rules must be obeyed including

  • Groups wishing to erect tents must receive permission prior to the event

  • In order to prevent unnecessary damage to college adaptive and swim team equipment, use of this equipment is prohibited unless prior approval is granted by the Athletic Director.

  • Groups using the locker rooms must supervise/monitor them at all times to ensure the safety of the children using the locker rooms and for cleanliness.


Pool Provisions

All renters must have appropriate Lifeguard and CPR/First Aid Certification.  Renters using a parent organization for insurance (i.e. USA Swimming, USA Diving, USA Water Polo, etc.) must submit a current coach’s card issued by their parent organization in order to demonstrate that their insurance is in effect.  All renters insured by parent organizations also take responsibility for ensuring that all team members have a current registration card.


Renters who do not use a parent organization for insurance purposes must submit copies (front & back) of the following: current Lifeguard Certification, CPR, First Aid and Coaches Safety Training (or its equivalent).

All certification documents must be emailed or mailed to Lindsay Bacigalupi, Facility Rental Supervisor.


  • A lifeguard certified person, supplied by the user, must be on deck and present during all pool use.  

  • For pool events or meets: Lifeguards must be supplied by the user at the following ratios:  Events of 0 – 150 require 2 lifeguards; 150 – 350 require 3 lifeguards and over 350 require 4 lifeguards.  

Responsibility for Pool Chemical Check   

For special, one-time events a District pool attendant will be responsible for checking pool chemical levels and making sure that equipment is working properly.  On-going users are required to test the pool water. Testing information and recording information are posted at the facility. If you have questions about your responsibility, please contact the Facility Rental Supervisor.



  • Only non-marking shoes are permitted on the hardwood floors and these must be cleaned before entering if they have been worn outside.

  • Nothing shall be used on the floors which would mar the playing surface in any way.

  • Food and Beverages (except water) are prohibited in the gymnasium, auxiliary facilities and locker rooms.

  • Materials specifically authorized by the Facilities Supervisor/Director of Maintenance are those only allowed in the gymnasium. Decorating materials must be removed immediately after the event

  • A custodian may be required for events with the cost paid by the User according to the appropriate fee schedule.

  • Promotional signs or banners require advanced permission from the Facility Rental Supervisor.

  • Personal chairs are not permitted on the gym floor

  • Floor must be swept before and after use.  


Stadium – Pieper Field (Turf)

  • Only existing marked athletic lines may be utilized by the User

  • Permit holders are to share these rules and regulations with visiting teams

  • The following are strictly prohibited:

  • Chewing gum

  • No spikes or metal cleats

  • No soda or sugary drinks

  • Sunflower seeds

  • Tobacco use

  • Glass containers

  • Pets/animals

  • Use of stakes

  • Vehicles

  • Golf

  • Archery

  • All skating/bicycling

  • Amplified music

  • Any power-driven devices

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Drugs

  • Firearms

  • Fires or barbecues

  • Fireworks


Tennis Courts

The following regulations are to be observed:

  • No food or drinks other than water on courts

  • No alcohol or tobacco

  • No glass

  • No pets

  • No Bicycles, rollerblades, ball playing or skateboards on courts

  • Proper footwear required (non-marking shoes)

  • Courts are for tennis only

  • Climbing on, hitting or kicking balls into or running into fences is prohibited

  • Sitting, pushing or pulling on tennis nets is prohibited

  • Keep gates closed at all times

  • All tennis court rules, regulations and courtesies shall be observed

  • No playing on wet courts

  • Play at your own risk

Sand Volleyball Courts

The following regulations are to be observed:

  • No food or glass containers on courts

  • No alcohol, tobacco, gum, spitting or loud music

  • No pets on courts

  • Climbing on, hitting or kicking balls into or running into fences is prohibited

  • Keep gates closed at all times

  • All activities other than sand volleyball is prohibited

  • Court use by permit only


Grass Field  - Mackey


The field will be closed and reservation will be cancelled if we have received 1/4 inch of rain within the last 24 hours or if it is currently raining at your reservation time.  If your reservation is cancelled due to weather, no cancellation penalty will be assessed and a refund will be granted.

Field lining

Mackey is an all-purpose field and not designated for one sport.  If your reservation requires lines, District personnel will provide those for you. Fees will be assessed. Users are not allowed to paint their own lines.


Please make sure upon leaving that you secure and lock the gate behind you. Lock code will be provided once reservation is approved.