Campbell Union High School District
Blackford School
Terms of Use

Keep in mind the rules for School Property are critical and are to be followed at all times. Any violation of rules will result in withdrawal of facility permit and NO refund will be given.

Obvious Rules:

  1. No smoking on school property.
  2. No alcohol or drugs on school property.
  3. No vehicles on school property, even for officials.
  4. BBQ grills (charcoal/propane tanks) are not allowed on school property.
  5. Adult supervision is required at all times when young children are in attendance.
  6. No public urination.
  7. No painting of lines of fields, without prior grounds or school Site Administrators permission.
  8. No personal locks on school gates. Site keys are not provided to outside groups.
  9. No banners i.e. advertising group events or team names.
  10. Be good stewards of site and please collect all garbage and remove off site.

Cancellation Policy

  •  Campbell Union High School District will uphold a cancellation policy on all facility rentals of three (3) weeks. All renters with approved reservations through Facilitron will not be able to cancel their events within three weeks of the first date of their reservations without consequence.
  • The consequence for cancelling an event within three (3) weeks of the start date will be 25% of the total balance of the entire rental.
  • Each site will reserve the right to cancel rentals due to internal scheduling conflicts.  Any external reservations that are affected by a cancellation of this nature will not receive any consequence and may be refunded or credited in full.
  • 100% of the remaining balance must be collected before the start date of the reservation.
  • If 100% of the balance has not been collected by the start date of the reservation, CUHSD will be notified and will reserve the right to cancel the reservation if an agreement has not been made.
  • Reservation requests must be submitted on the Facilitron website at least 30 days in advance.
  • The above three (3) week cancellation policy is still in effect for requests submitted less than three (3) weeks out.
  • In the event of rain (and/or other forms of precipitation), there will be no activity from outside renters on any natural grass fields.
  • Renters will be notified 24 business hours in advance of a rain-out. The date of the rain-out will be fully refunded or credited to the renter.