College of Marin
Bill & Adele Jonas Center
Terms of Use

Bill and Adele Jonas Center Use Agreement


Please read through this entire document carefully – as a renter you are responsible for understanding and following the rental policies outlined below



Applicant/organization shall be held responsible for any and all loss accident, negligence, injury or damage to person, life or property which may be the result of, or may be caused by, the User’s occupancy of the facilities or premises, and for which the District might be held liable. The User shall protect, indemnify and hold harmless the Marin Community College District, its Board of Trustees, the individual members thereof, and all District officers, agents and employees and volunteers for any injury, loss, damage, liability, cost, expense and/or any action or actions of any kind whatsoever that may arise or be occasioned in any way because of the occupancy of the facilities or premises, regardless of responsibility or negligence.

  1. The Users responsibility and liability set forth herein shall include, but is not limited to, taking all steps and actions necessary or required to address the COVID pandemic with respect to this agreement, including but not limited to, ensuring any of the undersigned’s volunteers, agents, personnel, and invitee(s) comply with all current and future requirements and recommendations issued by any government agency (including the City, County, State or the Federal Government, including its associated agencies such as the Center for Disease Control) related to the COVID pandemic that are applicable to the property, including adherence to any protective measures established by such government agencies applicable to events at or use of the property. The undersigned shall be solely responsible for determining and implementing the specific actions and requirements applicable to events at or use of the property. The undersigned shall be solely responsible for determining and implementing the specific actions and requirements applicable to the Activity listed in this reservation that is conducted at the property at the time of Activity, including any limitation on the number of attendees, required protective gear (such as mask and/or gloves) and the specific social distancing requirements applicable at the time.

  2. The undersigned acknowledges and understands that the District makes no representation or warranty regarding the condition of the property with respect to COVID at any time during this agreement and shall have no duty or responsibility to ensure the property is sanitized or otherwise made clear of the COVID virus. The undersigned shall be solely responsible for determining whether the Activity/use of the property listed below is permissible based on current and future regulations or requirements established by any governmental agency at the time of such event and shall indemnify, defend, hold harmless the District from any penalty, cost, or action claiming that any District activity at the property violated any applicable governmental regulation or requirement. However, the District, at its sole discretion, can require the undersigned to cancel or reschedule the Activity by the undersigned at the property if the District determines, at its sole discretion, that the Activity would be in violation of any applicable governmental regulation or requirement or create a public safety hazard. However, the District’s right to require cancellation or rescheduling shall in no way limit the undersigned’s liability and indemnification obligations set forth herein.



All renters must provide a Certificate of insurance and additional insured endorsement that names the Marin Community College District as additional insured on the insurance policy. The Marin Community College District requires that applicant/organization be covered by a Comprehensive General Liability policy with minimum limits of $1,000,000 that covers all participants for the listed program/event. Applicant/Organization will provide Marin Community College District with a Certificate of Insurance listing the Marin Community College District as a Certificate Holder. The description of the Certificate of Insurance should clearly identify the covered party and the specific event or activity to be covered. An additional endorsement naming the Marin Community College District as additional insured must be included with the Certificate of Insurance. Please note this is a separate document from the Certificate of Insurance

BP/AP 3507 COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

Per BP/AP 3507 passed by the Board of Trustees in October 2021. Effective November 1. 2021 Contractors, Subcontractors, consultants, facilities renters, leaseholders, community partner agencies, Emeritus Students College of Marin, auxiliary organizations, and other entities and individuals with which/whom the District has agreements (referred to collectively and individually as “Covered Entities”) must require vaccinations for their officers, employees, guests, users, agents, volunteers, visitors, and all others who access District campuses or facilities. Covered Entities must verify that all such individuals are vaccinated prior to their accessing District campuses or facilities. Individuals who are not eligible to be vaccinated based on their age are not subject to the vaccine requirement but must comply with all other safety measures. Covered Entities must process any exemption requests and approve only those that are required by law. Covered Entities may not allow testing in lieu of vaccination unless an individual receives a legally approved exemption to the vaccination requirement, in which case the Covered Entities must require regular testing. Covered Entities must also comply with any other District COVID-19 health and safety protocols in effect, including those set forth in the Administrative Procedure and any other implementing administrative procedures. Covered Entities are responsible for complying with the Administrative Procedure, as well as ensuring the compliance of their officers, employees, guests, users, agents, volunteers, visitors, and all other associated or affiliated with Covered Entities who access District campuses or facilities. 

In order to enter or participate in Marin Community College District events, visitors and guests present on-campus or in other District facilities who are not otherwise covered by the Board Policy must show proof of vaccination or proof of negative COVID-19 test result from a test taken within the 72 hours prior to the event. This requirement applies to all District events including, but not limited to, athletic events, book readings, musical performances, orientation and recruiting events, student organization events, and theater performances.

Please review full BP and AP 3507 on the following links:



Scheduling is subject to availability and must be made through Facilitron at at least 30 days in advance.

You are welcome to visit and tour the Bill and Adele Jonas Center (Jonas Center) during hours of operation, provided that an event or programming is not in progress. Guided facility tours are by appointment only. 

Rental requests will be reviewed and processed in order in which they were received. Renters will be notified through Facilitron or email as to the status of their application.  

Reservations will be confirmed and considered complete only after all required forms are submitted and applicable fees are paid. No dates are held for any group who has not submitted a facility rental request and booking deposit. The booking deposit will be refunded in full if the application is not approved. Please do not make plans until the Facilities Rental Supervisor has confirmed your rental.  Please allow for a minimum of 3 business days for processing and confirmation.

Rental times must include ALL time needed for set up/decorating, main event and clean up. The organization or group representative who applied for use must be present at the facility during the time of use. The person or organization who signs the contract takes full responsibility for the rental. 

Facility use is not permitted on college holidays or when the college is closed. Holidays will include the listed holidays on the Human Resources website at in which the college is offline for facility rentals. These times are considered paid holidays for college personnel up to and including the weekends.

The District reserves the right to refuse future rentals to organizations that do not comply with these policies.  Policies can change at any time, at the discretion of the District.


User may cancel scheduled use with at least thirty (30) days notice to the Facility Rental Supervisor or the User will pay half of the rental amount & fees.

The college, at its discretion, shall have the right to cancel and/or terminate a Facilities Use Permit immediately and without notice upon its discovery of violation of any term, condition or provision of the permit on the part of the permittee.  Should any such violation occur, the college, at its discretion, shall have the right to deny any future requests by the permittee for the use of any other college property or facilities.


If the District cancels a rental, not due to a violation, all fees will be returned



All college property shall be left in the same order, condition, and degree of cleanliness as existed at the time of entry. Any organization or group using college facilities is liable for the care and protection of District Property and will be charged for any damages sustained to the premises, furniture, or equipment associated with the use of the facilities. If damage does occur please email Lindsay Bacigalupi, Facility Rental Supervisor, immediately at or call 628.234.8124. Renter is financially responsible for any damages to the building, equipment and/or furnishings caused by a person’s attending the event.


A facility user may not remove or displace furniture, apparatuses, college or facility-related signs, banners, posters, etc., without the written permission of the College.

Facility user may not mark, puncture, or deface in any manner equipment and furnishings, including floors, doors, windows, mirrors, walls and ceilings.

A facility must be restored to its original condition and seating configuration prior to user vacating the premises.


All groups using the facility shall be responsible for proper use and care of all property, equipment and facilities. Displays will not be taken down to accommodate private events.  


Rental times are: Monday through Thursday 8am – 10:00pm, Friday’s are not available 8am – 3pm. Saturday and Sunday 8am – 10:00pm. You must be off campus by 10:30pm. It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure all guests are aware of the campus closure.



All exit doors must be kept clear at all times. At no time can exits be covered or obstructed by tables, chairs or equipment. Fire code requires 3 ft. clearance to be maintained around all exits doors throughout the time of event. The District reserves the right to cancel or stop an event that does not meet exit door clearance requirements.


All rental fees are due at the time of application confirmation if the rental is less than 30 days prior to event date. If the application date is more than 30 days in advance the rental fee balance is due 30 days prior to the event date. If a rental payment is not received within the specified time, the reservation will be cancelled and the deposit will be retained by the District and not refunded. Fees are not refunded for reserved time not used.

Event personnel required by the District will be paid by the renter and will be billed at the appropriate rate depending on time and scope of the event.

Events that exceed the scheduled rental time will be billed the hourly rental rate for the additional time as well as an additional personnel costs.

Fees are not refunded for reserved time not used. Reserved time should be chosen carefully; once fees are paid, there will be no refund for decreased reserved or actual use time.

Additional cleaning costs are charged, for labor and any damage repairs will be charged at the actual cost.


Entry doors are controlled by central campus. Building access must be arranged with the Facility Supervisor.  Access to the rented room will not be permitted until the time for which it is contracted.


District personnel must be present during each event for set-up, main event and clean-up.  Staffing requirements will be assessed and included in fees estimated prior to the event.   A minimum of one facility attendant must be present during a rental at the Jonas Center. The Facilities Supervisor, based on the nature of the event, will determine the number of staff assigned to a rental.

District staff will set up and take down any District provided tables, chairs or equipment. The renting party shall be responsible for setting up, breaking down and removal of any equipment they have rented or brought in themselves.



  • Alcohol service must end 30 minutes prior to the end of the event, and in no case is allowed past 9:00pm. The Renter is responsible for ensuring intoxicated guests leave the college campus promptly and safely. If obviously intoxicated persons are served alcohol, a criminal citation may be issued to the person supplying the alcohol.

  • Only adults 21 years and older may be served alcoholic beverages. It is the responsibility of the Renter and/or the licensed caterer/bartender to card all guests who look under 35 years of age. If minors are found in possession of alcohol, the event will be terminated. Criminal citations may be issued to both the minor in possession of alcohol and the person supplying the minor with alcohol.

  • ABC License and event permit is required for alcohol to be served: If the event is open to the public, or there is a ticket price, donation or admission, or fundraising activities, drinks are being sold  or a licensed caterer is providing the alcoholic beverages.

  • Caterer who is serving alcohol must own a Type 47 or 48 (full liquor license) or a Type 41 o4 42 (beer and wine only license) Who then must apply for a 58 license and then apply for an event permit. Caterer must be ABC licensed.  Caterer must also have liquor liability insurance.

  • The College must approve alcohol being served prior to the renter securing an ABC License. 

  • Renter is responsible for securing a State Alcoholic Beverage Control Department (ABC) License for their event.  The completed permit must be given to the Facility Rental Supervisor at least one week prior to the event.

  • Alcohol is not allowed outdoors, unless specifically authorized in the ABC permit.

  • Full Liquor Liability – A Full Liquor Liability Premium must be purchased and included on a certification of insurance if liquor, beer or wine is available for consumption and money is to change hands in any way, shape or form, between the event holder and those who participated/attend, (i.e. for a donation, ticket, for a meal, or entry to the event, for the beverage) or if liquor, wine and/or beer is available for longer than 5.5 hours

  • Renter is responsible for any of their guests that bring alcohol into the facility without obtaining the proper insurance and security requirements. Events may immediately be cancelled if alcohol is consumed without meeting these requirements.


Per BP 3570 and AP 3570 Smoke-Free Learning and Working Environment of the Marin Community College District Policy smoking is prohibited by all employees, students, vendors and visitors at all times on any District property EXCEPT in Designated Smoking Areas. District property refers to any and all buildings, parking lots, District vehicles, as well as property on the Kentfield Campus, the Indian Valley Campus, and the Bolinas Marine Lab property. Smoking includes cigarettes, cigars, little cigars, chewing tobacco, snuff, and an electronic device that delivers nicotine or other vaporized liquid to a person inhaling from the device (e.g. e-cigarettes and vaporizers).

The closest designated smoking area is designated by a sign and is at the west end of parking lot 4, as shown on campus maps.


Marin Community College District maintains the right to set minimum event security staffing levels based on the type and size of event.  Costs of the event security will be added to the renter’s contract.

The District may require, as a condition for approval or a facility contract, that our campus police be present at a rental event at the renter’s expense. Campus police presence will be required for, but not limited to, the following:

    The event have more than 50 individuals and serves alcohol

    The event has more than 250 individuals

The Facility Rental Supervisor may, at any time, require additional security at the Renter’s expense prior to and/or during the event.


Firearms or other weapons shall be prohibited on District property or in any facility of the District except for activities conducted under the direction of District officials or as authorized by an official law enforcement agency.


The District prohibits the use, possession and sale of marijuana, in any form, on all college property, including college owned and leased buildings, and parking lots. Marijuana is also not permitted at District sponsored events or while conducting college business.




The Bill and Adele Jonas Center is located on a college campus which is used by students who attend class and community members who visit.  The environment is serene and quiet and loud disturbances will not be allowed.  It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure noise disturbance is not heard outside of the Jonas Center and that guest’s do not disturb other visitors on our campus or in our parking lots. All live and amplified music must be concluded by 9:30pm.



Section 21113A of the California Vehicle Code grant the authority for the Marin Community College Police Department to enforce ALL Vehicle Code violations on the parking lots and roadways within College District property. In addition, the District may adopt its own regulations, to provide adequate parking and the safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

Parking in lot 4 and 7 is included in your rental costs for the designated times of your use with a special permit. You will be emailed parking permits for you and your guests.  It is your responsibility to hand these out to your guests prior to parking. Failure to display a permit while parked in lot 7 may result in a parking citation.  If parking outside your rental time or you do not have a special permit, a daily parking permit is required.  Daily permits may be purchased for $4.00 from the ticket machines located in the parking lots. 

Park in marked spaces only.  Do not park along the road or block vehicle access. Handicapped parking is enforced. 

Obey posted signs and markings.

No parking overnight.

Vehicles parked over 72 hours will be cited or towed.

Speed limit in all lots in 10 mph.

Valet parking is the responsibility of the renter, and subject to the same parking policies listed in this contract.


  • All arrangements for outside vendors or services and outside rented equipment must be communicated to the Jonas Center staff at least two weeks in advance in writing.  Renters are not allowed to use ANY Jonas Center equipment not included in the contract.

  • All fire and safety codes are strictly enforced. All exit doors and hallways must be clear and accessible at all times.

  • The maximum capacity of the building is 450 for lecture seating and 300 at round tables and will be strictly enforced.

  • Jonas Center furniture, fixtures, or other equipment shall not be moved from any location without prior approval. The Renter will be held responsible for lost or damaged items belonging to the Jonas Center.

  • Marin Community College District is not responsible for lost or stolen items or any items that are left before, during or after the rental.

  • Only blue painters’ tape may be used on ANY Jonas Center surface. All tape must be removed by Renter. Nothing can be put on the shades 

  • Nothing may be stored on site without prior approval of the Facilities Rental Supervisor.

  • Decorations, signs, banners, and similar materials may not be taped, nailed, stapled, or otherwise fastened to ceilings, doors, walls, glass, painted surfaces, fabric, or decorative walls.

  • Dry rice, birdseed, flower petals, Glitter or confetti is not allowed both inside and outside the Jonas Center.

  • No balloons allowed in the event space. No balloon releases are allowed inside (or outside) the facility

  • Any plants or shrubs brought into the building must be in waterproof containers. 

  • Smoke machines of any type are not to be used inside the facility

  • Permanent directional signage and/or graphics may not be obstructed in any matter.

  • Exit, exit sign, fire extinguishers, and any other safety device or signage must not be covered or obstructed at any time.

  • The District may not supply ladder’s for renters use. 

  • Renter is responsible for all other equipment (matches, silverware, extension cords etc) needed besides what is provided in the rental agreement

  • All decorations, rentals, flowers and any items brought in by the renter must be removed by the end of the rental time. This includes removal of any tape, fishing line, etc.



  • All utilities are property of the Marin Community College District and it is prohibited to access, tamper or otherwise utilize said utilities without proper arrangements. Costs for repairs, damages, etc. resulting from unauthorized use of utilities are the renter’s responsibility.

  • The District will not receive deliveries.  

  • Users responsible for making sure trash is put into waste containers and all equipment and supplies from your event are removed.

  • Renter is responsible for following and enforcing alcohol guidelines and smoke-free policy.

  • Fire, or any open flames are not allowed in the facility. 

  • The Marin Community College District is not responsible for items left on premises by the lessee or guests. All goods and/or equipment must be removed from the premises immediately following the conclusion of the event.



  • The College logo and phone numbers may not be used on any promotional materials.

  • The Bill and Adele Jonas Center management must approve all outdoor welcome, organization, shuttle bus signs, and banners in advance.

  • The Marin Community College District reserves the right to review and approve materials used to publicize events to be held at the Jonas Center. The Marin Community College District logo may not be used on any promotional materials and may not be listed as a contact for your event. Publicity cannot state or imply that College of Marin, or Marin Community College District is a sponsor or co-sponsor of an event without written permission by the Facility Rental Supervisor.



All outside band/DJ’s MUST provide their own equipment and extension cords. The Jonas Center sound system is only to be utilized with Jonas Center equipment.


Tents, or canopies must be requested on the facility contract, be available and must be pre-approved by the Facilities Staff.  A permit may be required for tent use and the permit must be obtained by the Novato Fire Department and an onsite inspection must be scheduled with the Fire Marshall or Designated employee


  • Mandatory catering kitchen cleaning fee of $200.

  • Caterer must do a site visit at least 30 days prior to the event and provide all insurance and permits at least one week prior to the event.


The District’s staff reserves the right to photograph events for promotional purposes


The Renter acknowledges that the facility may be rendered unusable or otherwise unavailable due to circumstances beyond the Marin Community College District’s control, including but not limited to flooding, fire, natural disaster, power outages, pandemics, criminal acts or acts of war or terrorism.  In the event that the facility should become unavailable due to any such circumstances, the Marin Community College District will refund any fees received from the Renter. The Marin Community College District shall not be liable for the Renter’s consequential damages, including but not limited to other costs incurred in connection with the Renter’s event, lost profits and lost opportunity.

By agreeing to these terms, the renting party acknowledges that you have read and agree to the above conditions and are responsible for giving the information to your vendors such as Caterers, Decorators, Musicians, Photographers, etc.