InspireNOLA Charter Schools
Alice M. Harte Charter School
Terms of Use

1. The Director of Facilities or designee must approve all requests for facility use. 
2. The sale, consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages in or at the facility is strictly prohibited, unless authorized by the CEO for school-sanctioned fundraisers. “School-sanctioned fundraisers” are activities of parent-teacher organizations, booster clubs, alumni associations or other organizations directly affiliated with the schools that are held for the sole purpose of raising revenue for the school or district. If alcohol service is authorized for an event, the approved Alcohol Service Request Form shall be attached hereto and User shall comply with the conditions for alcohol service as stated on that form. 
3. Smoking, chewing or otherwise consuming any tobacco or tobacco products is prohibited in the facility and on the grounds of the facility, except in outside areas specifically designates for smoking. 
4. No exterior signs shall be placed on the facility or facility grounds without InspireNOLA's prior written consent. 
5. User shall pay all facility usage fees no later than five (5) business days before the event, including fees for “Additional Service Charges” as set forth on the reverse side hereof, to the School Operations Manager. 
6. User shall comply with and use the facility in a manner consistent with applicable laws, InspireNOLA policies/procedures, school-site rules and regulations, and the directions of the Supervisor in charge of the facility. User shall assume the responsibility for ensuring compliance with same by all servants, agents and invitees of User. 
7. User shall not permanently alter the facility. User shall ensure that any furniture and equipment moved during use of the facility is replaced, that the facility will be left in a clean and tidy condition, that proper care will be taken of the facility during use and that any damage from such use, whether caused by negligence, recklessness or the willfulness of User or the servants, agents or invitees of User, is repaired at User’s own expense. 
8. User shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless InspireNOLA, its officers, directors and employees, from any and all claims, demands or actions of any servants, agents or invitees of User arising out of or based upon personal injuries, death or property damage suffered by such third party(ies), arising out of the use of the facility by User. 
9. User shall obtain, for the term of this Application, a general liability insurance policy with an insurer having an A. M. Best rating of A- or better in an amount not less than $1,000,000 for any claims whatsoever, including injury to persons, death or property damage, arising out of the use of the facility by User. InspireNOLA shall be named an Additional Insured under said policy, and a certificate of insurance must be submitted to the School Operations Manager prior to use of the facility. User and InspireNOLA agree that any insurance policy procured by User that provides benefits or protection for the InspireNOLA shall be primary, and any policies procured by InspireNOLA that might provide protection or benefits to InspireNOLA arising out of User's use of the facility. User may request a waiver of this insurance requirement. Said waiver may be granted by the CEO or Director of Facilities at his/her discretion. 
10. User agrees that no hazardous materials, including but not limited to, flammable materials or liquids, fireworks, pyrotechnic devices, explosives, poisonous materials or plants, strong acids or caustics, or dangerous animals will be used or brought into the facility or onto the facility grounds, except as specifically authorized below: 
11. User agrees that no amusement rides or attractions, including but not limited to, trampolines, enclosed or air supported structures, climbing walls or ropes, firearms, bows and arrows or other shooting equipment or devices will be brought to the facility or used in any way while occupying the facility, except as listed below: 
12. User must give written notice to School Operations Manager of any incident resulting in bodily injury, facility damage or other property damage occurring in the facility or on the facility grounds or in any way connected to the use of the facility within 24 hours of the incident. The notice must detail the time, place and circumstances of incident and the names and addresses of any person(s) witnessing the incident. 
13. User is subject to the following additional conditions: Attached fee schedule relative to Users school/non-profit/for-profit status. Space use fees are in addition to the above staffing rate schedule. 
14. All events must be paid in full (7) days prior to the first use. Failure to make full (or partial payment of the permit where applicable) will result in a cancellation of the entire permit.