Poway Unified School District
Availability Update: PUSD is opening field usage on 6/12/20 with a few restrictions. For final approval to be granted, each organization will have to have a signed waiver before they will be approved.
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Community Spaces for All Your Activities
Our Mission is...To ensure that each student at Tierra Bonita Elementary School will develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge essential to their future success in school and society.

To fulfill our mission...We will have a caring, competent staff who provides for each student a desire for learning, mutual respect and personal worth. We will provide an integrated, comprehensive curriculum for K-5 students utilizing a wide variety of learning strategies by an experienced staff. The future success of each student will be based upon their acquired knowledge of cooperation, communication, critical thinking and problem solving.

Fundamental to our mission are...Staff development through continuous growth and staff decision-making, effective use of resources, a safe, orderly and attractive environment, and a mutual respect for colleagues, their diversity and contributions.