Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to create an account to reserve a facility?

Yes, all requests must come from an Individual or an Organization. You may create an account by clicking “Sign Up” at and selecting Individual, Non-Profit, or Commercial as your Account Type.

I created an account but I didn’t receive my account verification email. What can I do?

If you did not receive a Facilitron account creation verification email, try the following: 1. Check your spam, junk or bulk mail folders to see if the verification email is there 2. Next, ensure that your spam blocker is not filtering (you may add this email to your address book) 3. Check to ensure the email address you entered for your account is spelled correctly. 4. If all else fails, contact support.

What if I forgot my Username or Password?

You may use your email address (Username) to request a password reset. Select “Forgot Password” from the Log In window and enter your email address and hit send. If your email is registered with us, you will get an email reset password.

My organization is a non-profit so I signed up for a non-profit account, but I’m not receiving the non-profit rate. How do I receive the non-profit rate?

Non-profit organizations must supply their FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) and have it verified in the system to qualify for non-profit status. Please note, not all colleges and districts have non-profit rates.

My organization is a non-profit but we don’t have a government issued FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number). Can I sign up as a non-profit?

Non-profit organizations MUST be verified using their federally issued EIN to qualify for non-profit rates. You must register your organization as a non-profit with the federal government and supply the EIN to qualify. Please note, not all colleges and districts have non-profit rates.

I didn’t have the FEIN when I signed up as a non-profit, but now I have it. How can I update my account?

Contact support to have your FEIN added to your account.

My organization isn’t a non-profit but it receives a special rate from my school district. How do I receive this rate?

Any organization who receives a rate other than the commercial rate MUST have their organization assigned to that rate category with school approval. To request a special rate category, add a comment to your reservation upon checkout to have your rate reviewed, Or you may contact customer support to request a special rate category. If you have already completed your reservation request, you may also add a comment in the reservation’s communication portal.

My organization isn’t a technically a commercial business, but it’s not a non-profit either. What rate do I receive?

Organizations that aren’t non-profit or do not qualify for a particular rate category other than commercial, will be assigned the commercial rate. Please note, not all colleges and districts have non-profit rates.

What’s the difference between an individual account and a non-profit or commercial account?

An individual account is for persons who are requesting to use public facilities on behalf of themselves and not on behalf of an organization. A person who is associated with one or more organizations may request on behalf of any of those organizations OR on behalf of themselves (if the request is for the personal use of facilities).

What if my organization already has an account? Can I be added to the account?

Yes, if you know your organization already has a Facilitron account and you would like your Individual Account to be associated with that organization, you may request access to that organization. Go to and click “Sign Up” and select “Administrator” as the Account Type. Fill in your information including your organization name and ZIP code and our customer support team will begin the process of adding you to your organization’s account.

I’m the incoming president of my organization but I can’t access my organization’s account. How do I have my account associated with my organization?

To have your account associated with an existing organization (and inherit its account settings and history), you must be added as a user by the account administrator. For assistance, contact support.

I want to make a request at a specific school. How do I search among just that school’s facilities?

You may search for a specific school name in the search bar at Or you may go to the specific school’s website and look for facility rental information and the link to their Facilitron facility storefront.

I found the facility I want to request, but there appears to be no availability for any dates or times. Is the facility not available?

Schools set the availability of their facilities based on school schedules and policies. If a facility shows no availability, there may be several reasons why – for example, the school may not have released public availability yet, or the facility may be undergoing maintenance or repairs. You may contact support to find out if there’s more information about a given facility.

I want to request multiple dates or multiple facilities. Do I need to make a separate reservation request for each date and/or each facility?

No. One reservation can consist of multiple dates and/or multiple facilities. For example, if you’re requesting every Sunday from January thru June, your request can be configured to include 24 Sundays over 6 months. Or if you were requesting the cafeteria and 3 classrooms for one or multiple dates, all the requests go on one reservation.

I just submitted a request. When will I have to pay in full?

Payment in full isn’t required until after the request has been approved. Then, typically payment is due in full 1 month from event date unless otherwise outlined by district policy.

Are the estimated fees showing during checkout the final fees for my reservation?

Public school fees presented during checkout are calculated per board policy for the particular rate schedule, time and date of a request. These fees are reviewed by the district at the time of approval and can be changed by the district administrator. Any adjustments will be reflected at the time of approval.

My request added services that I didn’t request. Are these fees necessary and can they be waived?

Fees for services that are not requested are essentially REQUIRED services that school districts mandate to be added to requests for use of facilities. Services like these - custodial, event manager, utilities or restrooms - represent additional costs that districts incur and can be adjusted or waived only at the discretion of the district.

Can I be invoiced?

Yes Facilitron can invoice you for the full amount, or with an ongoing reservation, partial amounts can be invoiced (subject to district policy)

When is the insurance due on my reservation?

Insurance is due at the same time payment is due.

If I can’t provide my own insurance, are there other options?

Yes, in most states Facilitron (through a 3rd party provider) offers event insurance on a per event basis that can be added to your reservation during checkout. The cost is automatically calculated based on event details and meets the requirements of the district You may also switch to Facilitron insurance at any time after you have submitted your request.

How do I know if my reservation was approved?

Requests are approved by school or district personnel. You will receive an email notifying you that your request has been approved or declined.

How long does it take to get my request approved?

The timeline for decisions by school or district personnel regarding reservation requests vary by school or district and may be affected by school holidays. Usually districts are reasonably prompt and respond within days. If your request hasn’t been answered in a week, you may contact support for assistance. Facilitron does not approve requests and can only ask school personnel to review a pending reservation request on behalf of a renter.

My request was approved but now it has been declined. What do I do?

Schools understandably make using school facilities for school programs their first priority. Therefore on occasion circumstances arise that require a school event to take priority over an already approved community use request (such as, the basketball team makes the playoffs and has a heretofore previously unscheduled home game). In such cases, schools usually try to accommodate a different date or a different school in the district. You may also work with customer support to try to reschedule your event for a different school or date.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Renters may cancel a request at any time before it is approved. After it is approved, it can only be cancelled with district approval.

My request has been approved. What do I bring with me the day of my event?

Renters whose approved reservations meet all requirements for use by the district (insurance, payment, etc) should print and bring a copy of their Facility Use Permit which can be obtained directly from a link in the reservation approval email, or by going to the reservation itself and clicking “Permit” at the top of the reservation.

What are the liability insurance requirements?

Insurance requirements are listed during the checkout process and again in your reservation detail page. On your reservation detail page, you see the question balloon that lists insurance requirements including the certificate holder and coverage amount. If you have questions about insurance, contact support.

How do I upload my insurance?

To upload your insurance certificate, you must go to your reservation details page. In the insurance section you will find the insurance requirement details and a button to “Upload Certificate” or “Switch To Facilitron” insurance - per event coverage that meets district requirements.

What are the payment options?

Payment options include major credit cards, PayPal, eChecks, and regular check payments (by mail). To pay, navigate to your reservation details page and find the payment section.

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