Frequently Asked Questions

I created an account but I didn’t receive my account verification email. What can I do?

If you did not receive a Facilitron account creation verification email, try the following: 1. Check your spam, junk or bulk mail folders to see if the verification email is there 2. Next, ensure that your spam blocker is not filtering (you may add this email to your address book) 3. Check to ensure the email address you entered for your account is spelled correctly. 4. If all else fails, contact support.

I’m a school employee and my school is a Facilitron partner. How do I get access to Facilitron to schedule school activities?

School employee accounts must be associated with your school and assigned a role to gain access to school calendars and scheduling system. Only school admins or Facilitron customer support can do this. To request access, select “Administrator” from the Sign Up menu. Fill out the form and submit. Someone from customer support will contact you about having your account added to your school and assigned a role. Or, you may contact your school’s admin and request to be added to the system.

I’m a school employee and my school is a Facilitron partner. Can I create an account and an organization for my school?

No. You should not attempt to create your school as an organization. Existing organizations must have users added by school administrators or by Facilitron customer support. To request access, select “Administrator” from the Sign Up menu. Fill out the form and submit. Someone from customer support will contact you about having your account added to your school and assigned a role.

I’m a school employee trying to make a reservation request but I can’t request during school hours. Why?

Scheduling requests for events occurring during school hours must be created as an “Internal” reservation. You cannot create an internal event from the school or district’s public request storefront (featuring search results, pictures and descriptions, etc.). Internal requests can only be made from the administrative Dashboard Calendar. Select “+Event” from the top right of the calendar to access the Create Internal Schedule window. For general notices not associated with a particular facility (i.e. “Spring Break”), select “+Notice”

I’m logged in to Facilitron. How do I get to the administrative dashboard?

Logged in users at will see Accounts & Dashboard in the menu. In the drop down menu for Accounts & Dashboard will be links to the Dashboard and other areas of the administrative back end.

I’m logged in to my Facilitron account but I do not see the school calendar when I'm at the Dashboard. What do I do?

To access your school account, select “Other Organizations” on the left side of the Dashboard and choose your school. The school name will appear at the top of your Dashboard. If your school isn’t in the list, then you haven’t been added to your school and assigned a role. To request access, contact your school administrator or Facilitron customer support. If you are at logged in to, you can go to "Accounts and Dashboard" drop down and select the appropriate organization under "Switch Accounts"

How do I view the pending reservations at my school or district?

To view a pending reservation at your school or district, log in to your Facilitron account at and select your organization. Or if you are already logged in under the correct organization, access the "Accounts and Dashboard" drop down and choose "Dashboard." From the Dashboard, you will see a section labeled “Pending Reservations” or you may select "Reservations" from the side bar menu and choose "Pending Reservations."

How can I cancel an approved event?

If all the dates of use in a reservation are cancelled, you may ‘Decline’ the entire reservation to cancel the event. If an individual date of use is cancelled (or even several dates, but not all dates) within a reservation with multiple dates, you can use the red ‘x’ next to the timeslot to cancel individual dates of use.

I received an email notification about a reservation. Can I reply to it?

No. Email notifications are sent from, and should not be replied to. In order to reply to an email notification, you can click “See Details” next to the reservation ID number or the button “Click Here” under the reservation details. Clicking either of these buttons will prompt you to login to Facilitron and will direct you to the specific reservation where you can make comments and changes in the “Comments/History” section. Otherwise, you should email support.

I want to send a message to the requestor and other stakeholders about a reservation. What’s the best way to do that?

The best way to communicate with the renter/requestor, other stakeholders, and the Facilitron team is to make a comment directly in the reservation. At the bottom of the reservation details page on the left hand side, is a section labeled “Comments/History.” Type your comment in the box and choose from a variety of sending options below. By selecting internal comment, only the District staff and Facilitron team will be able to view the comment. If you would like to send the comment to a specific recipient, click on the “Select Recipients” box and type the recipient’s name. Click the comment button when you are finished and the comment will be recorded in the reservation and an email notification will be sent to all involved recipients.

Can I delete a single event in a reservation without deleting the whole reservation?

Yes. Under the reservation details page on the right hand side is the “Calendar” section. Here you will find a list of each date and facility being used. In order to delete a date or facility, simply click on the box to the right of the timeslot which will highlight the timeslot red. Continue to select any times you wish to remove and click the “Delete Timeslots” button at the bottom of the section.

How do I request events at other school sites within my District?

In order to request facilities at another school within your District, go to that school's Facilitron rental site. If you do not know the website, you can go to and type the school name in the search bar. Search or select the facility you are requesting and add it to your shopping cart. When prompted to log in, make sure you are representing your own school so school admins will recognize that you are part of the same District.

I don't see the facility I need to reserve on the list, how do I book the room I need?

Reach out to your assigned Facilitron Account Manager and they will be able to further assist.

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