Urban Soccer Park
Please make sure that all rental participants have signed the facility waiver found HERE

We do not provide a staff member to open and close. We will provide you with the instructions to open/close the park for your rental once your rental has been approved. Please read our terms and conditions carefully.
More Touches, More Goals, More Skill, More Soccer!
The Urban Soccer Park is a highly-efficient, community-building, turnkey and highly-durable small-sided soccer park, perfect for many environments.

Our park is made from highest quality, most durable materials available in the game today. The boards, the turf, the nets, the lights, the scoreboard, the lockers. Everything has been designed with great detail and craftsmanship to meet your needs, your space and your goals.

For too long, the growth of soccer in the U.S. has been hamstrung by limited real estate, low participation rates and sub-standard facilities. Our mission is to solve that by making soccer fun again, creating an experience in your community that is guaranteed to thrive.