Saratoga Springs City School District
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
Our mission, supported by the Saratoga Springs community, is for every student to experience a personal connection to learning which will serve them for a lifetime. Each student's innate desire to learn will be fostered through access to challenging and relevant learning experiences, appropriately designed learning environments and skilled instructors who are trained to utilize innovative instructional strategies.

Over the past two years, the Saratoga Springs City School District has engaged a variety of members from our school and community through a comprehensive legacy planning process. This collaborative approach has helped guide the development of an updated vision for the future of educational opportunities that are available to all students and families here in Saratoga Springs. We appreciate the feedback and input that our students, parents and staff shared in creating our updated vision titled “Pathways.” Our new Pathways vision will help guide the important work of the school district and ultimately help shape our student’s future success.