Community Spaces for All Your Activities
We are proud to offer each student with the best quality of education and support through our administration, teachers, counselors and staff.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: “Every person will thrive in a safe and dynamic learning community to become a contributing citizen.”

South Junior High is a Professional Learning Community consisting of seventh, eighth and ninth grade students with supporting enthusiastic staff! Our education program is designed to create passion for education, develop learning skills, improve academic achievements and provide a well-rounded selection of classes to meet individual student’s needs.

Scholastic Achievement Programs are available to every student such as accelerated courses, a broad diverse selection of elective/special interest classes as well as AVID to promote student understanding and practices for success in education now and in the future. Amongst those programs we also offer Teaming. Teaming allows students to share a core set of teachers that communicate with each other to encourage each student’s success in all subject areas.