Chandler Unified School District
Please Note: Chandler USD has new COVID-19 policies and guidelines as part of its updated district terms and conditions, effective June 1, 2020. All renters must agree to the new guidelines, including a hold harmless agreement as part of the updated terms and conditions. Thank you!
Community Spaces for All Your Activities
Santan Elementary School, an A+ School of Excellence, is located in the southeast region of the Chandler Unified School District. We are an "A" school, focused on continuous growth and improvement for both students and staff. We are the only elementary school to be housed on a K-8 campus, offering a unique opportunity for a smooth transition into junior high school.
We are proud of our outstanding general education program, in addition to our 6th grade CATS program. For students with special needs, our campus houses three self-contained programs, along with a variety of resource options to best meet the needs of individual students. We also offer Community Preschool, as well as two Priority Preschool classrooms. We pride ourselves on a campus culture of inclusiveness, with support for all students. With the implementation of the Olweus Bully Prevention Program, our entire campus community is focused on helping students to understand behaviors leading to bullying, with the express intent of stopping it before it starts. We also focus on the Character Counts Pillars of Character, regularly recognizing students for exhibiting outstanding character. We would like to welcome your family to Santan Elementary School!