Community Spaces for All Your Activities
Our Vision
Students graduate with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable their
successful transition to chosen college and career paths. They are empowered
to become productive members of the local and global community.
Our Mission
In order to realize the vision of Valley High School, we commit to:
1. Building a school culture where all adults respond positively to high
expectations for professional responsibility and accountability
2. Supporting students to meet the school’s expectations for behavior, conduct,
and attitudes, and holding them to account regarding these expectations
3. Developing effective leadership that guides and manages schoolwide
structures, systems and practices that enable effective learning and teaching
4. Developing highly functional small learning communities where well designed
curriculum is fully responsive to students’ needs and interests, capitalizing on
the opportunities provided through the High School Inc. Academies
5. Providing the necessary support to ensure teachers are empowered and
confident to promote effective learning in all lessons
6. Listening to students’ ideas and suggestions, and supporting them to plan and
implement strategies for our school’s continual development and
7. Making effective use of review, assessment and evaluation to monitor our
8. Providing consistent, regular, timely feedback to increase the rigor of
development and improvement
9. Involving parents in meaningful ways that develop their understanding of the vital
role they play in supporting teaching and learning, and help them to be advocates
for their children
10. Working productively with the local community and external partners to enhance
learning and teaching