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Tom Created A COVID-19 Work Order: What Happened Next Left the Entire Department Speechless!

Now more than ever, it is critical that school districts have a true data cost analysis of their facilities conducted during this fiscal year. Due to COVID-19, CBO's are being required to know the actual cost of running a facility when filling out reimbursement forms, reporting lost revenue, and preparing for fiscal shortfalls in the next fiscal year. Traditionally, cost analyses are done in order to provide data to school boards interested in reviewing facility rental fees and district policies. While this practice will continue even after the pandemic has ended, it is important to understand where these numbers come from, how they apply in particular to activities while school is out of session, and what costs schools need to consider moving forward. It is also a practical time to review and rethink joint use agreements and memorandums of understanding. Legal documents that were created years ago may not take into consideration the staff time, attendee management, and cleaning requirements coming into play following the coronavirus.

Join us for a little Civic Center Act history lesson, examples of what districts can accomplish through factual data, and the value behind a free Facilitron conducted cost analysis. Duration: 45 mins.

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May 12, 2020
May 14, 2020
May 20, 2020

Facilitron is a community spaces marketplace and management platform that helps public space owners such as cities and schools manage facility schedules and lease available inventory to the public. Through a unique partnership model that requires no out-of-pocket costs, Facilitron provides a holistic framework that includes community-facing rental sites, back-end administrative and work management tools, support infrastructure such as implementation, account and customer support services, payment and invoicing services as well as data-driven business analytics.