Facilitron Webinars

Facilitron Training Webinars

Course 1

Scheduling & Reservation Platform General Training For Facility Administrators

Join us for our general training on managing schedules and requests on the Facilitron platform. We’ll review the dashboard, calendar, go over internal schedule creation, rental request approvals and suspensions, and introduce attendee management. You’ll learn where to direct community members who want to make requests, how to review, approve and decline a request, and how to create an internal schedule and manage your internal calendar.

Wednesdays at 9am PT/ 12pm ET


Course 2

Work Orders Management for Maintenance and Custodial Staff

Whether students are back on campus or not, there are still many events that require the work maintenance and custodial staff. Spend thirty minutes with us on the ins and outs of the work order system. We’ll review everything from receiving a job, inputting hours and supply costs, and closing a work order.

Thursdays at 1pm PT/4pm ET


About Facilitron

Facilitron is a data-driven facilities management platform and marketplace that integrates work orders, facility use scheduling and the leasing process of school facilities and public/private spaces into one singular system-of-record. With over 4000 schools and close to 6-billion square feet of facility space on the platform, Facilitron has processed and supported over 2.8 million community events since the company was founded in 2015.