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Ask the Expert: Coming Back to Campus

What effect does pulling children from the daily routine of school, telling them to stay home for fear of a deadly virus, and then having them witness the financial destruction of shelter-in-place have on our students and communities? Author, speaker, entrepreneur and former National Superintendent-of-the-Year, Phil Lanoue understands the physical and symbolic importance of schools in our communities and the need to create a sense of normalcy and security following a crisis. His upcoming book is called A School Leader’s Guide to Navigating the Unknown: New Narratives Amid COVID-19. Join us for a discussion on schools as epicenters of our communities and the importance of human connection in learning. Phil will use his experience to explain best practices for using education to heal the wounds and squelch the fears our young people are experiencing today.

To learn more on Phil’s thoughts about returning from the pandemic, read Schools are the Epicenter of a Community.

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July 21, 2020 at 10:30am PST

Facilitron is a community spaces marketplace and management platform that helps public space owners such as cities and schools manage facility schedules and lease available inventory to the public. Through a unique partnership model that requires no out-of-pocket costs, Facilitron provides a holistic framework that includes community-facing rental sites, back-end administrative and work management tools, support infrastructure such as implementation, account and customer support services, payment and invoicing services as well as data-driven business analytics.