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Facilitron partners with hundreds of school districts in 25 states across the U.S. “Word On The Street” is an aggregation of up to the moment trends and best practices from districts across the country—a look at what school districts are doing right now.

Published June 24, 2020

Our recent “Ask the Expert” webinar featured Dr Marco Sanchez, assistant commissioner of California’s Central Coast Section athletic region, who joined our resident expert Cheryl Galloway in a discussion on reopening athletic programs at schools around the country. Cheryl and Dr Sanchez were joined by 3 other expert panelists representing both public and private schools who answered many great questions from our audience. If you missed it, click this link to view it in its entirety. The discussion includes information about reopening guidelines, the importance of athletic trainers, and what to do with spectators.

Many of the documents referenced in the webinar are available below along with links to state guidelines for school athletics. We included the states of every district represented in the webinar and more.

How Facilitron Can Help

The Facilitron platform can play an integral part in streamlining the process of having high school athletics and activities on campus. Here’s how:

  1. Documenting all events or activities, both internal and external, can be easily managed in the system. Facilitron customer support teams can configure your account with pre-workout screening requirements and new district policies for each reopening phase. Screening documentation and hold harmless forms can be attached and stored with the reservation in the system. Permits are issued and can be used for ticketing.
  2. Attendee Management - Attendance limits on gatherings can be tracked and enforced using our new registration and check-in feature. See our demo on July 23, 2020 and put this safety net in place! As with all Facilitron features, there is no extra charge to use Attendee Management on the platform.
  3. Facility cleaning can be scheduled as a rule-based service tied directly to each reservation or as a stand-alone work order using Facilitron work orders. Additional costs can be added for external events to cover supply and employee time.
Articles referenced during the Facilitron “Ask the Expert” Athletics Webinar with Dr. Marco Sanchez:
Links to School Athletic Guidelines (date reflects date of document release as of this posting)