Word on the Street

Facilitron partners with hundreds of school districts in 25 states across the U.S. “Word On The Street” is an aggregation of up to the moment trends and best practices from districts across the country—a look at what school districts are doing right now.

Published June 16, 2020

As restaurants, hair salons, bowling alleys, shopping malls and theme parks start to reopen to the public, districts across the country are also beginning to resume their facility rentals to community organizations. Many are allowing summer camps, swimming lessons, and athletics back on site but not without some significant changes in policy, guidelines, terms & conditions, hold harmless agreements, and fees. Below you will find the latest and greatest—what some of our district and municipality partners are up to!

Bozeman (Montana) is open with no new requirements.

Chandler USD (Arizona) is requiring additional $30 cleaning fee for indoor facilities, classrooms are $10 flat fee.

Gilbert PS (Arizona) opened June 1 (All facilities) must agree to new terms, including COVID-19 waiver through an application question.

Hillsborough (California) Recreation opened its tennis courts June 16, 2020.

Lake County Schools (Florida) — Venues with a capacity less than 100 - Gatherings must be limited to 50% capacity. Venues with a capacity more than 100 – Gatherings must be limited to 50% of the venue’s capacity. A minimum separation of 6 feet must exist between groupings or families of 10 or fewer people. Strict social distancing practices must be observed at all times. An adequate supply of 60% or greater alcohol-based hand sanitizer shall be made available upon entry by the renter. Use of face coverings, health screenings, and temperature checks are strongly recommended.

Manatee County (Florida) — All individuals attending the group’s function must have their temperature checked, must have a temperature below 100.4 degrees, not be exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 and must wear a cloth face covering at all times on School District property. The group must provide their own thermometer and check the attendees temperatures. School District staff will not take temperatures for lessee groups.

Mansfield (Texas) — Facilities are open starting June 14th except gyms. They have not yet added additional services/fees but they alerted all renters that this may change in the near future.

Maury County Public Schools (Tennessee) opened Sunday. They have a $250 cleaning fee per indoor facility use and is subject to review as they move forward. Keep in mind, they have low facility use fees.

Moreland SD (California) opening July 1.

Murrieta Valley USD (California) is open and reviewing all incoming facility use requests to make sure the renter org/event can follow Riverside County safety guidelines. The district has added a hold harmless agreement (based on ASCIP's template) to its terms and conditions.

Orange County Public Schools (Florida) opens June 17 with a requirement for all outside renter groups to submit a detailed plan for social distancing, hand sanitizers, temperature checks etc... through Facilitron. They are also limiting the number of attendees and have added COVID-19 cleaning fees.

Poway USD (California) fields are open and require all renters to agree to their new COVID waiver through an application question.

San Mateo Union HS District (California) began allowing track us by the community on May 30 with a permit stating a hold harmless agreement and limiting 25 people at a time.

Seminole County Public Schools (Florida) Rentals for Swimming Pools, Fields, Pavilions, and Courts will resume on June 1, 2020. Only groups of less than 10 are allowed at any time: (Maximum of 9 total people). Social Distancing plans must be submitted a minimum of seven days prior and uploaded on Facilitron. These plans must be approved by the District prior to the commencement of the activity. Renters will incur an additional two hours of professional sanitation at a cost of $80.