Upgrade your Google Search Profile with Facilitron

With population shifts on the rise in the United States, attracting people and students to your area and to your district’s schools can be critical. Increases or decreases in student population can drastically affect school budgets, and when people are considering a move to your area, your district and its schools need to look their best.

These days, whenever people want information about anything, they “Google” it. The way your district looks in those search results is often the first impression you make on potential new students, community members, and staff looking to work in your district. What are your search results saying about your organization?

To prevent incorrect information or a poor representation of your organization from happening, Facilitron has launched a new initiative to help public space owners like schools and community centers connect their Facilitron accounts to their Google Business Profile.

By participating in the program, Facilitron's professional facility photos and other facility information and descriptions can be used in your profile to enhance the professionalism of your organization's presence on Google.

Instead of random photos uploaded by community members, your organization’s profile will display your rental site’s drone and wide-angle photos. Other upgrades include address and phone information, hours and links directly to your organization’s facility rental site.

Upgrading benefits school district profiles as well as the profile of every school in the district

For school districts, connecting Facilitron and Google’s profile pages benefits each school in the district providing a uniform and consistent Google presence for the district and all its locations through updated photos and descriptions.

Upgraded search profiles (left) feature results enhanced by Facilitron’s professional photos and facility details while other results (right) show no photos, incomplete and possibly incorrect information.

Keep your community informed with timely communications

In addition to photos and facility information, your organization can have descriptions and even create posts with up-to-date information highlighting upcoming events, special notices or promotions.

Upgraded search profiles (above) can feature organization information as well as posts highlighting upcoming events or special notices.

Connect with your community with links to your facility requests site

Show your community that you embrace your role as a hub for community activities by including links to your facility request and leasing page. This can further enhance your search results and even lead to increased revenue through your rental program.

Linking directly to your district or school’s Facilitron rental site can drive revenue and show your district’s commitment to partnering with the community.

Contact Facilitron to leverage these benefits from upgraded Google Search results

  • Photos — Access Facilitron's library of facility photos to showcase your district in Google images.
  • Information — Make sure information about your district is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Posts — Post news items, holidays, special hours for facilities or modified operational practices as a result of the COVID health crisis
  • Facility Rentals Link — Reach out to share your facilities with the community by linking directly to your facility rental site

To learn more about how to join this program, contact us at partnerships@facilitron.com or sign up for one of our platform demos today.