Facilitron partner school districts in 8 states across the U.S. made announcements last week regarding the reopening or newly extended availability for community use of on-campus facilities. For many of these districts, the announcements mark the first public availability of their rentable spaces since the coronavirus health crisis began nearly a year ago.

While some districts such as those in Florida and Texas have allowed activities on a limited basis, a large number of districts in California, where state and county officials kept a tight rein on public gatherings, were completely closed to the public.

The trend of reopening facilities for public use at schools appears to be running parallel with efforts to return students and staff to classrooms amid diminishing COVID cases across the country.

Facilitron partner districts welcoming their communities back to campus can simply contact their Facilitron account manager to open facility availability and to make any changes in fees, requirements or hold harmless language. To alert community members about any changes, Facilitron creates availability announcement emails that go out to the organizations who utilize district facilities for the many non-school-sponsored athletic, educational, cultural or religious programs conducted on school campuses.

Among the districts announcing new or expanded public facility availability:

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