The holidays are over and it’s time to hunker down until the summer break.

School districts make up the majority of public spaces operators on the Facilitron platform, so we’ve updated this post-holiday checklist especially for school district facility administrators. Running your best operation depends on working with your account manager to stay on top of these tasks and set your goals for the rest of the year.

Here are the top checklist items to review:

  • Update fees and policies — Rising costs have hit school districts especially hard. Make sure you’ve thought about how your costs have changed, especially with services like custodial and utilities, and update those fees to protect your facilities and recoup costs. Your account manager can help you understand how other districts in your area are updating their policies and fee schedules.
  • Open Facility Availability — With 2023 upon us, make sure your availability is open through at least the end of the fiscal year July 1, and throughout 2023 if possible. This way your renters can make their requests and support services can plan their schedules. If you’re opening, Facilitron can create an open availability email campaign to alert your existing renters of the new dates.
  • New Sites or Locations — If you’ve added new facilities or remodeled old ones or maybe you even have a new school opening, you’ll want to update your account and add the new spaces. The easy way to review your current sites and photos is to go to your community facing storefront. For a updating photos, you can use this guide and take your own photos like a pro! For new locations or facilities, send those details to your account manager or email
  • Staff Changes — A new calendar year can mean changes in personnel including site admins, principals, ADs and others. Make sure your current admins are in the system and attached to the correct location with the proper role. If you need to add or modify a user, contact your account manager or email
  • Get Your Staff Trained — Facilitron conducts a live training each week. Sign up for a live, interactive training session to make sure you and your team are up to speed and can efficiently manage schedules and requests.
  • Update Internal Schedules — To make sure your availability is accurate, make sure your site admins have updated their internal schedules for all upcoming school activities, events, practices, games and other uses in the system. This will ensure that utilization data is properly tracked and maintenance, security, custodial and other stakeholders and staff are in the know about facility use. Having internal schedules in the system also blocks community members from making a request for a facility that is not available because of school use, preventing double booking. If you need to create a communication reminder with support links and tips, ask your account manager for help.
  • Refresher Training — If it’s been awhile since you entered an internal schedule, or if you're feeling rusty on the basics of using Facilitron to manage schedules and requests, check out this post with quick links to our support site for answers.
  • Download User Guides — Ready to print or email, these user training guides give you and your team an overview of the Dashboard, the Event Calendar and how to Create Events.

For more help, visit our support site.