Facility operators are heading into the busy back-to-school season so it’s a good time to refresh yourself on some of the basics of managing schedules and requests. Bookmark Facilitron's Support Site to have quick access to the help you need!

Here are quick links to the most frequent questions from administrators:

Entering an Internal Reservation — Entering schedules for internal events such as "Football Practice" or "Pep Rally" is easy. Just click "+Event" from your calendar. For more, see this support video.

Approving a Reservation — This article shows you how to find pending requests and review and approve them. For more, watch this support video.

Editing Schedules, Timeslots and Services — It's not as hard as you think! Our support video shows shows you how to make all the necessary changes to a reservation.

Saving Calendar View — This feature allows you to save your preferred view or several different views depending on your preferences.

Comments and Facilitron Alert — With the Facilitron Alert feature, you can alert our support team if your comment needs attention.