As infection rates ease across the country, school districts are increasingly loosening restrictions on community use of school district facilities. The trend continued this week with expanded availability announced at nine more school districts in California, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, New York and New Jersey.

Facilitron partner districts are working with Facilitron account managers to open the dates and times that district facilities are made available to the public on each district’s community-facing Facilitron rental site. Along with updating the availability, districts are updating capacity limits, special cleaning fees or other changes to usage requirements and hold harmless language.

Many community organizations who utilize district facilities for non-school sponsored athletic, education, cultural or religious programs, have been waiting for as long as a year to resume their programs. And while some businesses were able to resume their activities during the year, groups who rely on community infrastructure to provide their programs, including a high percentage of non-profit groups who operate essentially as businesses with paid employees and overhead, have struggled to survive.

“Community programs are an essential part of a community’s cultural and educational fiber,” says Cheryl Galloway, Director of Education and Community Engagement at Facilitron. “Getting these community programs back on our campuses and in our public spaces is an important part of getting people comfortable coming back to schools in general.”

Added to the list of districts announcing new or expanded public facility availability:

San Jose Unified School District (CA)

Roosevelt School District (AZ)

Campbell Union High School District Swimming Pools (CA)

Oakland Unified School District (CA)

Moreland School District (CA)

Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools (OH)

Klein Independent School District (TX)

Saratoga Springs City School District (NY)

Manasquan Public School District (NJ)

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