Facilitron’s acquisition of Login Logix means potential changes for customers of Maintenance Login and Facilities Login. The following FAQs addresses the most common questions users may have about changes moving forward. To read more about Facilitron’s acquisition of Login Logix, click here.

If I’m a Maintenance Login customer, what is changing?

Maintenance Login will work exactly the same way. However, the maintenancelogin.com URL will now redirect to maintenance.facilitron.com.

The first time you login, you will be asked to provide an email. Once you provide the email and log in with your credentials, we will update your username to the email address you provide. Your new login credentials will then work for both Maintenance Login and Facilitron.

Will I still be able to get support for Maintenance Login?

Support for Maintenance Login will still be handled by Mike Patton and his team in the same way that you are accustomed.

What is Facilitron?

Facilitron is a scheduling and reservation platform for scheduling and requesting facility use. Using Facilitron will allow you to schedule facility use events and automatically create work management tasks for those events on Maintenance Login.

Is Facilitron like Facilities Login?

Facilitron is similar to Facilities Login in that it manages facility schedules, however Facilitron is broader in scope and accommodates community requests as well as internal requests, manages insurance, payments, communications, and tracks and aggregates utilization data unlocking metrics that completely transform how districts manage facility use.

If I’m a Facilities Login customer, will anything change?

Again, nothing will change for Facilities Login or Maintenance Login customers. The application will remain the same. However, you will have the opportunity to demo Facilitron’s scheduling and reservation platform and understand the benefits of switching to or adding Facilitron.

Will I be required to switch from Facilities Login to Facilitron?

No. Facilities Login will remain supported through 2020 but there will be no more license renewals after August 1, 2019.