If you are a school district allowing students or staff on campus, Facilitron will setup, at no cost or obligation, touch-free, single point-of-entry Attendee Management at each school site in your district. Attendee Management documents time, date, location and contact information of anyone who comes on campus for the purposes of health screenings and contact tracing investigations.

School districts using this system have successfully provided attendee information to public health departments which prevented total shutdowns.

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Single Point-of-Entry

In the last decade, “single point-of-entry” has become standard safety protocol to help school districts control access to campus. During a pandemic, single point-of-entry becomes an important concept for documenting who and when specific individuals come onto campus.

Using QR codes and health screening surveys, school districts using Facilitron’s Attendee Management at single points-of-entry were able to provide to public health representatives complete lists of all staff, students or visitors who came on campus with check-in and out times as well as other details to avoid shutdowns.

Recognizing reopening challenges that school districts face, Facilitron will set up for any school district the Attendee Management system at one single point-of-entry for each school site in the district at no cost or obligation. The offer is good thru the 2020-21 academic year.

Track Staff, Students, and Visitors on Campus

Once activated, districts can pre-register lists of staff or students or allow same-day or walk-up registration. Then, schools can check individuals in-and-out using an attendant (assisted check-in) or through a simple touch-free self check-in process.

Customizable health screening surveys can be presented to attendees with survey results either saved or discarded (for compliance with federal privacy laws). Detailed attendee lists with check-in and out times, contact information and survey results can be accessed by authorized district users should public health request information.

Learn more about this important opportunity by attending a regularly scheduled webinar that quickly outlines the important features and uses of Facilitron's Attendee Mangement system. Or contact us at partnerships@facilitron.com and we'll follow back up with you to answer any questions.