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Facilitron partner, Sonoma Valley High School, hosts drive-thru COVID vaccination POD

Hospitals and public health agencies are teaming up with Facilitron partner districts to increase the number of COVID-19 inoculations administered at school-based drive-thru mass vaccination centers.

The Sonoma Valley Health Partners, which includes Sonoma Valley Unified School District (SVUSD), will be using one of SVUSD’s school facilities as a COVID-19 Point of Dispensing (POD) drive-thru mass vaccination site.

The Sonoma Valley High School parking lot will be used to administer approximately 500 vaccines per day for healthcare workers in Phase 1(a) – Tiers 1,2, and 3 AND for those 75 and older in Phase 1(b), following state and county priority levels. The drive-thru clinic will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for three consecutive weekends beginning Feb. 6. To receive email notifications and registration information please subscribe to the COVID-19 Vaccine Notification/Information email list at:

“We are happy to partner with the school district and local non-profit groups to provide this service to our community,” said Dawn Kuwahara RN BSN, Chief Ancillary Officer for SVH. “We modeled much of our approach after the Napa mass vaccination drive-thru which has been working quite well.”

Facilitron platform becomes centralized system of record for documenting and reporting

A Facilitron partner, Sonoma Valley Unified utilized Facilitron’s scheduling and reservation system to schedule and document all event details and worked with Facilitron account manager for Sonoma, Jenn Ford, to finalize and upload all pertinent documents directly to the platform; including insurance documents required by the district and also added services such as the use of utilities to power a small refrigeration unit.

Sonoma Valley Health Partners is a collaborative effort that includes: Sonoma Valley Unified School District, Sonoma Valley Hospital, Sonoma Valley Community Health Center, Sonoma Valley Fire District, Schell-Vista Fire Protection District, City of Sonoma, Sonoma County Department of Public Health, and the Sonoma Valley Catalyst Fund.

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