LOS GATOS, Calif., July 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Facilitron, a data-driven facilities management platform and marketplace for schools and public spaces, today announced the release of a new product feature designed to help schools and facility operators safely open their facilities for school programs and community events.

“We have a deep and lasting commitment to helping school districts reopen safely. I believe developing this feature is an essential part of our mission; it’s our opportunity to give back to schools something that can make their campuses safer now as well as into the future,” said Facilitron CEO Jeff Benjamin.

The new feature, Attendee Management, immediately available to both facility administrators and event organizers across the Facilitron platform, provides users an end-to-end contactless system for registration and check-in of participants or “attendees” of school activities or community events scheduled on the system.

Options include pre-registering for events, walk-up registration and assisted and non-assisted check-in. Event managers can add special terms or liability waivers to the registration process and manage capacity limits including waitlists. Exportable attendee lists document all contact information of persons attending events including check-in and out times. These lists can be utilized to notify attendees of possible exposure during a contact tracing investigation.

“This is an essential capability for school districts to easily document events on their campuses and have a record of all the participants who attend those events.” said Facilitron CEO Jeff Benjamin.

Attendee Management use cases for schools include: on-site pickup and distribution of meals and supplies, school-based activities after school, and external events outside of regular school hours. A school athletic event, for example, might include registration and check-in of coaches, players, referees, event management personnel and spectators.

Not simply limited to after school events, the feature also enables administrators to accurately register and track all personnel, volunteers, vendors and parents who are required or would like to be on campus during school hours.

Since Facilitron typically implements its entire platform with no upfront costs, school districts choosing to partner with Facilitron will be able to access the new feature without having to allocate dollars from their general fund or operational budgets.

Attendee Management is the latest product update by the 5-year old public space management company since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March. New features such as entity tags, reservation suspension, attendance reporting and more were developed to meet the rapidly changing needs and requirements facing facility operators.

“From the beginning, Facilitron has continued to develop new features that are important to us,” said Facilitron partner Chad Koster, Director of Facilities, Maintenance and Operations at Poway Unified School District in California. “They are a key partner in helping us with the challenge of reopening our schools and maintaining the confidence of our community."