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Facilitron Introduces Facility-Management Platform at TCEA 2018

The no-cost, cloud-based platform helps schools recover costs, collect data, and manage public rentals of gyms, theaters, and classrooms.

(SAN JOSE, CA) February 6, 2018 – Facilitron, a cloud-based platform designed to help colleges and school districts manage, schedule, and rent school facilities, today announced its no-cost solution to help schools recover costs, collect data, and manage public requests of gyms, theaters, and classrooms throughout the district.

“Four years ago I drove my son and teammates to a basketball practice. The gym was locked and the school was dark. There was no one I could call, nothing I could do. The experience made me consider the challenges districts face with the facility management process, and Facilitron was born,” said Jeff Benjamin, Facilitron’s CEO.

There are two parts to the Facilitron platform: a community-facing front end and an administrative back end. The public-facing platform, linked from the district and/or school website, includes a digital catalog of all facilities so users are able to see photos, pricing, availability of spaces, and make requests to use facilities without having to bother school officials.

The administrative dashboard allows district and school administrators to preview both school activities and community uses of school facilities anywhere in the district, as well as manage use requests from the public and internal requests by school employees for facility use by school programs. Using new technology, Facilitron replaces antiquated software and eliminates the hassle of paper forms, applications, payments, refunds, insurance verifications, and permits. It reduces administrative time and transforms a pen-and-paper process into a simple way to recover costs—and gather data.

“We help our partner schools use data to identify how specific spaces are being used and the cost to maintain spaces, which informs the long-term planning process and helps leaders understand the true operating costs for each school,” added Benjamin.

By providing equal access to community groups and consistency in the application process, Facilitron also helps districts limit liability while providing a new level of transparency to ensure compliance with local, state and federal laws like the well-known “Title IX” amendment.

“Schools play an important role in communities by supporting community learning and recreational programs,” Benjamin said. “Facilitron makes the facility request process easier for all parties, collects mission-critical data and saves districts time on the logistics of managing requests and usage.”

In all, Facilitron gives schools full control over who uses the facilities when and how, maximizing building usage, limiting liability and bridging the gap between schools and the outside community.

Originally published on Tech and Learning by Jacob Hanson

Facilitron is a community spaces marketplace and management platform that helps public space owners such as cities and schools manage facility schedules and lease available inventory to the public. Through a unique partnership model that requires no out-of-pocket costs, Facilitron provides a holistic framework that includes community-facing rental sites, back-end administrative and work management tools, support infrastructure such as implementation, account and customer support services, payment and invoicing services as well as data-driven business analytics.