Last month was a busy month in Request for Proposal news as Facilitron was awarded three more contracts with schools in Georgia, Ohio, and Arizona – prevailing over other top competitors. The contracts awarded included the Dougherty County School System in Georgia, Chandler Unified School District in Arizona, and Columbus City Schools in Ohio. With all three contracts scheduled to begin this summer, the Facilitron Implementation Team is well underway building the custom school and facility sites based on the needs of each District.

As the school year comes to a close, Facilitron continues to ramp up onboarding districts nationwide. With more than 2,000 campuses live on the Facilitron platform and 3,000 more scheduled to go live by the fall, districts are shifting from a traditional licensed software approach to a working partnership one – a more modern approach that provides real-time data, facility use KPIs and critical business insights on district operations to help districts more effectively monitor and measure facility operations.

Facilitron is a leading provider of facility management and data solutions for public schools and colleges. Through a unique partnership strategy which provides software and support at no cost, Facilitron and its one-of-a-kind scheduling and reservation platform provides districts critical utilization data that helps maximize internal facility use, consolidate facility scheduling and manage community use requests – saving administrative time while giving districts full control over how and when they want to use their facilities.